Image Source: Hopoo Games
Image Source: Hopoo Games

Risk of Rain Returns Item Tier List

Get the lowdown on every single item in the game!

Risk of Rain Returns is an absolutely thrilling roguelike ride that is filled to the brim with so many secrets to unlock, survivors to discover and play as, and more than a few items to wield in battle through each zone of the game. Just as in previous Risk of Rain installments, the items you choose to pick up will make or break your run, particularly on the higher difficulties and with certain Artifacts equipped.

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However, there are simply so many items to choose from, that it can be hard to know which ones are better than others, and of course what they do. If you’re feeling a bit lost of what to pick up and what to leave, here is our very own Risk of Rain Returns Item Tier List.

All Items (Tiered) & What They Do in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns what are all the items in the game
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Items in the game are categorized by rarity (White up to Yellow), and some are Equipment types (Orange) that serve as an additional special ability for your chosen survivor for that run, or until you decide to switch it out for another one. Other special items serve specific purposes rather than providing buffs or abilities.

The following is our tiered list of all obtainable items/equipment in Risk of Rain Returns.

Remember that many of these need to be unlocked by completing various in-game challenges with different survivors.

S-Tier Items (Special Items)

Item NameItem TypeWhat It DoesHow to Unlock
Strange BatteryEquipment (Orange)Used to unlock Robomando survivorInside a clickable vase on Zone 5 (Temple of Elders); must be Drizzle difficulty
KeycardItemOpens locked security doorsGolden Canisters and Enemy Drops on final level
White Undershirt (M)ItemGives player +2 STRDrops from Armored Boarlit on Boar Beach secret area
Small EnigmaItemReduces cooldown of equipmentDrops instead of equipment with Artifact of Enigma active
Big Bison SteakMealBoosts health regen and movement speedCHEF survivor via their COOK ability
Marinated Lizard LoafMealBoosts damage outputCHEF survivor via their COOK ability
Golem Essence on the RocksMealGain barrier and increased armorCHEF survivor via their COOK ability
Jelly Brain SaladMealReduces skill cooldowns by 1 secondCHEF survivor via their COOK ability
Fried EyeballMealSlow down incoming enemiesCHEF survivor via their COOK ability

Equipment Items

Item NameWhat It DoesHow to Unlock
Rotten BrainThrow a brain that bounces in place and damages/slows enemies for 200% x 6 hitsImmediately available
Safeguard LanternDrops a lantern that inflicts Fear and does 20% damage to enemiesImmediately available
SnowglobeCauses a snowstorm that has 50% chance to freeze enemies for 7 secondsImmediately available
Explorer’s KeyOpen all chests on the map within 20 metersImmediately available
Foreign FruitHeal 50% of your health instantlyImmediately available
Instant MinefieldDrops 6 mines around you that deal 400% damage eachImmediately available
Jar of SoulsDuplicate every enemy as a ghost to fight at your side for 15 seconds. They do 70% damage.Immediately available
Carrara MarblePlace a marble gate that acts as a mini-teleport that you can return to by hitting the action again after cooldown.Immediately available
SawmerangA saw-shaped boomerang that deals 500% damage to all enemies in its path and causes bleed.Immediately available
Shattered MirrorDoubles the damage and effects of all your actions for 15 secondsImmediately available
Disposable Missile LauncherFires a barrage of 12 missiles that each do 300% damageImmediately available
Gold-Plated BombUse 50% of your gold to create a bomb that deals 1 damage per gold spent. 20% is refunded to you upon kill.Immediately available
Drone Repair KitAll acquired drones are fully repaired and empowered for 8 seconds. Also summons a unique drone.Immediately available
ThqwibReleases a bloom of 30 thqwibs that detonate on impact for 200% damageImmediately available
Dynamite PlungerHitting an enemy drops dynamite. Detonate to deal 200% damage.Immediately available
Mace ReplicaSwing a mace for 300% damage that also knocks back enemiesActive 3rd teleport as Commando w/o being hit once
Gigantic AmethystResets all your cooldownsKill an Overloading Magma Worm as Loader
Crudely-Drawn BuddyBlow up a decoy of yourself, attracting and confusing all enemies for 8 secondsAchieve 15 consecutive perfect reloads as Sniper
PrescriptionsIncrease damage by 30% and attack speed by 40% for 8 secondsStay in Shield Mode for 5 minutes straight (in combat) as Enforcer
Shield GeneratorBecome invincible for 8 secondsBeat the third stage w/o falling below 60% health as HAN-D
Unstable WatchStop time for 7 secondsComplete the first stage in under 5 minutes (any survivor)
Lost DollSacrifice 25% of your health to damage an enemy 500% of your max healthSurvive a boss with less than 20% health (any survivor)
Pillaged GoldEvery hit drops gold for 14 secondsKill a boss with Lights Out as Bandit
Captain’s BroochCall down a chest nearby, and the cost is doubledUnlock a golden chest on the final level with an Explorer’s Key (any survivor)
The Back-UpCall 4 drones to fight for you for 10 secondsHave 4 drones active at once (any survivor)
Super Massive LeechEvery hit heals you for 10 health for 10 secondsSpread Epidemic to 25 enemies as Acrid
Glowing MeteoriteSummons meteors from the sky that fall and damage both enemies and friends (220% damage) for 8 secondsDeal 5,000 damage in one shot (any survivor)

A-Tier Items (Boss Items)

Item NameItem TypeWhat It DoesHow to Unlock
Scorching Shell PieceItemGain a 20 pt shield that fires projectiles when it breaksDropped from Cremator boss on Magma Barracks
Ifrit’s HornItemHas a chance to fire a flaming waveDropped from Ifrit boss
Legendary SparkItemChance to create sparks that smite enemies for 200% damageDropped from Ancient Wisp boss
Colossal KnurlItemIncreases health by 40, regeneration, and armor by 6Dropped from Colossus boss
Nematocyst NozzleEquipmentShoot 6 nematocysts that deal 400% damageDropped from Wandering Vagrant boss
Burning WitnessItemGrants trail of fire on ground and 30% movement speed for 6 secondsDropped from Magma Worm boss
Imp Overlord’s TentacleItemSummon an imp bodyguard that revives after 60 secs. Dropped from Imp Overlord boss

B-Tier Items (Rare Items)

Item NameWhat It DoesHow to Unlock
ThalliumChance to slow and damage enemies over timeImmediately available
Tesla CoilPassively shocks nearby enemies for 120% damageImmediately available
Old BoxChance when damaged to drop a jack-in-the-box that inflicts fear on enemies for 2 seconds. Drop chance increases with lower health.Immediately available
Beating EmbryoCurrent equipment has 30% chance to deal double its effectsImmediately available
Permafrost13% chance upon hit to freeze enemies for 1.5 seconds while slowing movement speed by 80% for 3 secondsImmediately available
AtG Missile Mk. 27% chance on hit to fire 3 missiles that deal 300% total damageImmediately available
Happiest MaskKilled enemies spawn ghosts that last 15 seconds with 100% health and 70% damageImmediately available
Plasma ChainChance on hit to tether to 1 enemy while dealing 60% damage to any other enemies in its pathImmediately available
Heaven CrackerEvery 4 basic attacks pierces through enemiesImmediately available
Rapid MitosisReduce the cooldown of all equipment by 25%Immediately available
Ceremonial DaggerKilling an enemy sends out 4 heat-seeking daggers that deal 100% damageImmediately available
Repulsion ArmorAfter 6 hits reflect incoming attacks for 400% damage and increase armor by 100 for 4 secondsImmediately available
Brilliant BehemothAll of your attacks explode for an extra 20% damage to nearby enemiesImmediately available
Hardlight AfterburnerAdd +2 charges to your Utility skill, and reduces its cooldown by 30%Immediately available
Interstellar Desk PlantKilling an enemy spawns an alien plant that heals 3% of your max health and recharges after 4 seconds. Each plant lasts 15 seconds total.Sear/Flambe 20 Sand Crabs as CHEF
Laser TurbineUsing skills charges up a generator 7.8% per second. At full power a laser fires across the screen for 2000% damageHave 20 cleavers out at once as CHEF
Wicked RingGain 5% critical chance. Critical strikes reduce cooldowns by 1 second.Collect 4 Keycards (any survivor)
Alien HeadDecrease your skill cooldowns by 30%Obtain 7 Monster Teeth and 1 Guardian’s Heart (any survivor)
The Ol’ LooperDeal bonus damage to enemies with lower health, up to 60%Survive 40 minutes (any survivor)
The Hit ListMarks an enemy that, when killed, permanently increases damage by 0.5 every timeReset your cooldown 15 times consecutively as Bandit
Photon JetpackHold the jump button to fly for up to 1.6 seconds. Also recharges in 1.6 seconds.End a teleporter timer with 0 enemies on the map (any survivor)
Shattering JusticeAttacks reduce enemy armor by 6 for 2 secondsReach Level 10 without getting hurt more than once as Miner
Telescopic Sight1% on hit to instantly kill enemies (does not work on bosses)1-shot kill 10 enemies consecutively as Sniper
Fireman’s BootsWalking leaves behind a fire trail that does 35% damageSurvive in lava for 1 minute straight (any survivor)
Hyper-ThreaderHitting enemies fires a laser that does 40% damage and bounces to 2 other enemiesComplete the Providence Trial “A Rung Above”
Dio’s Best FriendTaking fatal damage consumes this item and revives you with 40% health and 2 seconds of invincibilityDie 50 times (any survivor)
Ancient ScepterUpgrades your skill and is unique to each character. Reduces special skill cooldown by 30%Beat the game on Monsoon difficulty as Mercenary
Bottled ChaosUsing your Equipment triggers an additional, random Equipment effect.Use the same Equipment Activator 5 times (any survivor)
AegisHealing past full grants you a temporary barrier, along with an increased maximum barrier.Multi-kill 15 enemies as Artificer
Substandard DuplicatorPicked up items yield an additional temporary copy that lasts an additional 10 secondsComplete the Providence Trial “A Duplicator?!”
Classified Access CodesSummons the Atlas Cannon, which deals damage equal to 40% of the teleporter boss as it spawnsComplete the Providence Trial “Emergency Ejection”
UmbrellaRain begins for 15 seconds upon activing the teleporter. It stuns, damages, and weakens enemies. You are invincible while it’s raining.Complete the Providence Trial “Meteor Showers”

C-Tier Items (Uncommon Items)

Item NameWhat It DoesHow to Unlock
Timekeeper’s SecretFalling below 25% health stops time for 3 seconds. Recharges in 7 minutes.Immediately available
Smart ShopperKilled enemies drop 25% more gold.Immediately available
InfusionKilling an enemy permanently increases your health by 1Immediately available
Will-O-The-Wisp33% chance on killing an enemy to create a lava pillar for 300% damage, also knocking enemies upwardsImmediately available
AtG Missile Mk. 110% chance on hit to fire 1 missile that deals 300% damageImmediately available
Tough TimesIncreases armor by 14Immediately available
Energy CellIncreases attack speed by up to 40% at low healthImmediately available
Rusty JetpackDecreases gravity while holding the jump button by 10%Immediately available
Leeching SeedAttacking enemies heals you for 2 healthImmediately available
Ukelele20% chance on hit to fire chain lightning for 66% damage on up to 3 targetsImmediately available
Boxing Gloves6% chance to hit enemies and knock them back for 100% damageImmediately available
Prison ShacklesSlow enemies on hit for -50% movement speed for 1.5 secondsImmediately available
Guardian’s HeartGain a 60 health shield. Recharges when outside of danger for 7 secondsImmediately available
Hopoo’s FeatherGain an extra jump actionImmediately available
Frost RelicKilling an enemy temporarily surrounds you with 3 icicles that deal 33% damage each every 0.33 secondsImmediately available
Red WhipLeaving combat for 2 seconds increases your movement speed by 60%Immediately available
Chargefield GeneratorCreate a ring of lightning after killing an enemy. Lasts 6 seconds.Eviscerate 50 enemies as Mercenary
Arms RaceDrones are equipped with explosive weaponry. Summons a unique drone helper that regenerates each stageKill 10 enemies simultaneously with FORCED_REASSEMBLY as HAN-D
Golden GunDeal bonus damage based on current gold, up to 40% damageBank 20,000 gold
(any survivor)
56 Leaf CloverElite mobs have a 4% chance to drop itemsKill the Scavenger (any survivor)
Concussion Grenade6% chance on hitting enemies to stun them for 2 secondsKill a boss in 15 seconds or less as Engineer
Filial ImprintingHatch a strange creature who drops buffs (movement speed, attack speed, health regen) every 20 secondsDrown 20 Whorls (any survivor)
Dead Man’s FootChance when damaged to drop a poison mine that deals damage and poisons over time. Chance increases with low health.Find the bloated survivor (any survivor)
Toxic CentipedeInfect a nearby enemy on contact for 6 seconds. Bounces to other enemies if target dies. Spread 3,300 feet of toxic sludge as Acrid
Harvester’s ScytheGain 5% critical hit chance, and critical strikes heal for 8 healthUse a health shrine that drops you below 5% health
Panic MinesChance when damaged to drop 1 mine that deals 400% damageSurvive the teleporter event without dropping below 50% health as Miner
Predatory InstinctsCritical strikes increase attack speed. Buff stacks 5 times.Defeat the Ancient Wisp without taking damage as Huntress
Royal Medallion10% chance on hitting a boss monster to drop a buffing wisp that improves health regen, attack speed, move speed, and base damage.Get a Gold Rank on at least 5 Providence Trials
Prophet’s CapeBriefly blocks all incoming damage upon being struckDodge 7 lethal attacks as Commando
Locked JewelActivating an interactable heals 35% of your maximum barrier and gives 8 goldReach max barrier (any survivor)
Hunter’s HarpoonKilling an enemy increases movement speed by 125% for 1 second. Consecutive kills increase the buff up to 25 seconds.Complete the Providence Trial “A Toxic Path”
InsecticideChance on hit to spray damage over time. Killing enemies heals for 10 health.Complete the Providence Trial “Get Off My Lawn!”
Decaying SampleGain 2 orbiting spheres that hit for 100% damage every 0.25 secondsComplete the Providence Trial “Main Systems Offline”

D-Tier Items (Common Items)

Item NameWhat It DoesHow to Unlock
Meat Nugget8% chance on kill to drop 2 meat nuggets that healImmediately available
Fire ShieldAfter taking at least 10% damage, explode for 400% damage, knocking enemies backImmediately available
Bustling FungusAfter standing still for 2 seconds, heal for 4.5% of your health every second, and that of your alliesImmediately available
Lens Maker’s GlassesYour attacks have a 10% chance to critically strike, dealing double damageImmediately available
Sprouting EggAfter not being hit for 7 seconds, increase health regeneration by 2.4 per secondImmediately available
HeadstompersHurt enemies by falling feet-first on them for 600% damageImmediately available
Life SavingsGenerate 1 gold every 3 seconds; scales over time.Immediately available
Barbed WireHurt 1 enemy within 1 meter for 50% damage every 0.5 secondsImmediately available
Rusty Knife15% chance to bleed an enemy on hitImmediately available
Mysterious VialIncrease health regeneration by 0.84 per secondImmediately available
Mortar Tube9% chance on hit to fire a mortar for 170% damageImmediately available
WarbannerOn a Level Up or activating a teleporter, drop a banner that strengthens all allies within 4.6 meters. Raises attack speed, movement speed, damage, and heals over time.Immediately available
Monster ToothKilling an enemy heals you for 10 healthImmediately available
Soldier’s SyringeIncreases attack speed by 12%Immediately available
CrowbarDeal 50% extra damage to enemies above 80% healthImmediately available
MedkitHeal for 10 health 1.5 seconds after getting hurtImmediately available
Bundle of FireworksActivating an interactable launches 6 fireworks that deal 300% damageImmediately available
Backup MagazineAdd +1 charge of your Secondary skillImmediately available
Topaz BroochKilling an enemy grants 15 barrierImmediately available
Taser7% chance on hit to snare enemies for 1.5 secondsTravel 6,500 meters using the Hydraulic Gauntlet as Loader
Paul’s Goat HoofIncreases movement speed by 15%Fail a shrine 3 times in a row (any survivor)
Bitter RootIncreases maximum health by 8%Reach 650 health (any survivor)
Sticky Bomb9% chance on hit to attach a bomb to an enemy, detonating for 140% damageDetonate 15 Bounding Mines within 5 seconds as Engineer
Snake EyesFailing a shrine increases critical chance by 7% up to 6 times. Resets at the start of each stagePass a shrine 4 times in a row (any survivor)
Hermit’s Scarf10% chance to evade incoming damageAchieve 200% attack speed as Huntress
GasolineKilling enemies burns the ground for 60% damageDefeat 20 Lemurians in one playthrough (any survivor)
SpikestripWhen hit, drop spikestrips that snare enemies for 1 secondBlock 2,000 damage total with your Shield as Enforcer
MochaIncreases movement speed by 7.5% and attack speed by 6%Level up to 20 (any survivor)
Voltaic MittClimbing creates an electric trail that deals 50% damageComplete the Providence Trial “Hot-Rope Hop”
The ToxinInfect enemies on contact for 3 seconds, causing them to receive 30% extra damage from all sourcesFind the illegal shipment (any survivor)
Mu ConstructHeal by 2.5% of your maximum health every 5 seconds after the teleporter event is activatedFind this item hidden somewhere in the world to unlock it (any survivor)
Razor PennyIncreases critical chance by 3%, and a critical strike drops 1 goldKill 12 enemies simultaneously using the Gold-Plated Bomb (any survivor)
Arcane BladesIncreases movement speed by 30% after the teleporter event is activatedComplete the Providence Trial “Kited Blades”

That concludes the guide for our Risk of Rain Returns Item Tier List. We hope you find this helpful in your playthroughs, and let us know which items you like to use the most.

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