Risk of Rain Returns Providence Trials, Explained

Trials and tribulations...
Image Source: Hopoo Games
Image Source: Hopoo Games

Risk of Rain Returns has indeed returned in a big way, with not only an exciting and vibrant new side-scrolling experience, but a slate of unique new challenges that players can tackle almost right away.

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Known as Providence Trials, they test aspects of all your RoR skills to the limits, and even give some enticing rewards for completion. If you’re wondering exactly what they entail, here is our handy guide for the Risk of Rain Returns Providence Trials, Explained.

What Are Providence Trials & How to Unlock in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns what Providence Trials are and how to unlock them
Image Source: Hopoo Games via Twinfinite

For those who played the first Risk of Rain game, the name Providence should sound pretty familiar, being that he was the final boss you had to defeat. We see him in his dramatic red cloak once again in the opening sequence for Returns, and it’s only fitting that a standout feature for the new game would have his name on it.

The Providence Trials are a new batch of unique, short mini-challenges for you to embark on outside of the main game, each providing a different task for you to complete that prioritizes different skills and survivors. Completing the objective(s) with a good time and score will lead to some very special unlockables, such as new abilities for the character of that trial.

You’ll likely spot ‘Providence Trials’ right away in the Main Menu, however it’ll be locked. To access it, you simply need to unlock your first new Survivor in the game. You’ll start off with the option of either Commando and Huntress, and get dropped into the first level called Desolate Forest. Once you fight your way through and unlock your first new Survivor, the Providence Trials section should unlock.

Click on it in the Main Menu and you’ll be taken to the Trial menu that shows the start of what will be around 40 trials currently available to play. You will need to first complete the ‘A Colossal Feat’ trial at the top to unlock the trials around it, similar to how a progress tree works. The more of these trials you complete, the more special abilities and items you’ll unlock for all your survivors in the long run.

That concludes our guide for Risk of Rain Returns Providence Trials, explained. We hope you found this helpful, and let us know what you think of the trials so far, and which one you enjoyed doing the most.

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