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LoLdle Answers: All Modes & No Spoilers (April 14)

A LoLdle a day keeps losers queue away.

LoLdle is the ultimate test of League of Legends trivia knowledge. However, sometimes you’ll have to guess a champion quote or an ability you’ve never heard or seen before. So, we prepared sort of a lifeline for you. Here are today’s LoLdle answers for every game mode.

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LoLdle Answers for Today



Rakan (Q – Gleaming Quill)


Lux (Lunar Empress Lux)

Hints for Today’s LoLdle Answers

Classic LoLdle

  • Gender – Male
  • Position – Middle, Support
  • Species – Golem
  • Resource – Mana
  • Range Type – Melee
  • Region – Demacia
  • Release Date – 2010
  • Quote – “I am not going back on the pedestal, not yet…”
  • Ability – Winds of War (Q)
  • Skin – Birdio

Emoji LoLdle

  • Boar
  • Girl
  • Snowflake

Previous LoLdle Answers This Month

  • April 13 – Aurelion Sol, Jarvan IV, Ryze (Q), Zilean, Default Volibear
  • April 12 – Mordekaiser, Xin Zhao, Kassadin (R), Nocturne, Deadly Kennen
  • April 11 – Garen, Ahri, Rammus (Q), Olaf, Bloodfury Renekton
  • April 10 – Tryndamere, Vex, Nocturne (W), Yorick, Shan Hai Scrolls Cho’Gath
  • April 9 – Kayn, Azir, Singed (E), Graves, Runeborn Xerath
  • April 8 – Fizz, Soraka, Karthus (Q), Poppy, Justicar Syndra
  • April 7 – Alistar, Irelia, Viego (Q), Ezreal, God Staff Jax
  • April 6 – Xerath, Yorick, Gnar (P), Elise, Eternum Rek’Sai
  • April 5 – Kayle, Kassadin, Ziggs (R), Yasuo, Elderwood Bard
  • April 4 – Jayce, Rakan, Orianna (W), Tryndamere, Yellow Jacket Shen
  • April 3 – Pantheon, Vladimir, Cassiopeia (R), Evelynn, Default Briar
  • April 2 – Azir, Corki, Tahm Kench (R), Xerath, Groovy Zilean
  • April 1 – Shyvana, Nilah, Wukong (R), Syndra, Goth Annie

What is LoLdle?

Classic LoLdle puzzle
Image Source: Screenshot by Twinfinite

LoLdle is a League of Legends-themed quiz game inspired by Wordle where you have to guess answers in five different categories, which are:

  • Classic – Guess a champion (you get hints about their gender, release date, affiliation, etc.)
  • Quote – Guess a champion based on their in-game quote.
  • Ability – Guess an ability based on its UI icon and which ability it is (P, Q, W, E, R).
  • Emoji – Guess a champion based on a couple of emojis that describe it.
  • Splash – Guess a champion and their skin based on the splash art.

That wraps it for today’s LoLdle puzzles and answers. If you liked this guide and want to learn more about League of Legends or some other game, check out the rest of Twinfinite. Also, we added links to related articles just below for your convenience, so do check them out.

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