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LEGO Fortnite Village Themes: How to Choose

Which village will you choose?

As you first dive into the new survival mode, you may need some guidance with the LEGO Fortnite Village Themes. In total there are three confirmed themes so far, which will augment the aesthetics of your village. Let’s dive into it!

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All LEGO Fortnite Village Themes

As per Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey on X, there are three LEGO Fortnite Village Themes outside of the default town hall. They are as follows:

  • Medieval Village Square
  • Cabin Village Square
  • Pirate Village Square

As you can see from the post below, the differences in each Village Theme seem to be aesthetic only. Now LEGO Fortnite has released, we’ve still yet to see them as a feature. Therefore, it’ll likely arrive in a future update.

That said, you can image each theme will consequently augment the remaining decorations and buildings in your village. As such, the medieval theme could turn your village into an old-timey fantasy realm, and so on. Once the update has released, we’ll know for sure.

How to Choose LEGO Fortnite Village Theme

Equally, it’s still unclear exactly how you choose between the various LEGO Fortnite Village Themes. There’s a possibility that you can pick one upon building your village for the first time, to start working on it immediately.

Otherwise, we imagine you’ll need to spend currency to buy Village Themes, which then automatically alter the appearance of decorations in your village.

How you unlock each one is also unclear, but likely tied to your overall village progression, which is tracked by accruing Awesome Points. Once we know for sure, we’ll update this guide.

That’s all for our look at how to choose Village Themes in LEGO Fortnite! For more on the game, check out our crossplay guide, how to get and use Storage Chests, and plenty more guides below.

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