storage chest lego fortnite
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How to Get and Use Storage Chests in LEGO Fortnite

Store your bricks and pieces!

Epic Games’ new LEGO mode brings something a bit different to the Fortnite world. There’s a lot more focus on exploration in this new world. That means you’ll need Storage Chests to hold anything you find. Read on to find out how to get and use Storage Chests in LEGO Fortnite!

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How to Find and Use Storage Chests in LEGO Fortnite

storage chest lego fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

Storage Chests are similar to regular Fortnite Battle Royale chests, with a bit of a twist. Usually Fortnite chests contain loot to use during a match. The same is true in LEGO Fortnite, with Storage Chests dotted all around, especially in abandoned buildings.

Storage Chests come in a variety of rarities and sizes from Small to Grand, with a few different styles to unlock as you level up. The larger the Storage Chest, the more items you can safely store inside, ready to use another time. Storage Chests have the following storage capacities:

  • Palatial/Simple/Ancient Chests/Trunks stores up to 6 items
  • Small Storage Chests stores up up to 10 items
  • Medium Storage Chests stores up up to 16 items
  • Large Storage Chests stores up up to 20 items
  • Grand Storage Chests stores up up to 24 items

How to Build Storage Boxes in LEGO Fortnite

It’s also possible to craft your own chests to store things. You can create Storage Chests to keep at your Village, or you can dot them around the map stored with emergency supplies.

In Sandbox Mode you can build any chest you like of any size, as you have unlimited resources. In Survival Mode you will have to work a bit harder! Each Storage Chest can be crafted using different materials, and only become available as you level up your Village. Here is what you will need to craft each Storage Chest in LEGO Fortnite:

  • Small Storage Chest – 6 Planks
  • Medium Storage Chest – 8 Knotroot and 6 Marble Slabs
  • Large Storage Chest – 6 Obsidian Slabs and 4 Copper Bars
  • Grand Storage Chest – 8 Frostpine and 4 Iron Bars
  • Palatial Chest – 3 Obsidian Slabs and 2 Copper Bars
  • Ancient Chest – 3 Obsidian Bars and 2 Copper Bars
  • Simple Chest/Trunk – 5 Planks

Some of these chests will be found randomly around the island, but if you want to build your own just enter the Build Menu, go to Furniture and click on Storage. All available chests will be right there!

That is all we have on LEGO Fortnite Storage Chests! For more Fortnite LEGO hints and tips, including how to get Awesome Points, check out more guides below.

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