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LEGO Fortnite Trailer Release Time Countdown

New trailer incoming!

Fortnite Chapter 5 is proving to be the biggest overhaul the long-running game has ever gotten. In addition to additions and improvements to the base game, three separate modes are being introduced. LEGO Fortnite is only a couple of days away, and every morsel of info we get has us excited. And now we have an official trailer coming up to serve as the final icing on the cake. Join us here with our LEGO Fortnite trailer release time countdown.

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When Does LEGO Fortnite Trailer Release?

The official cinematic trailer for LEGO Fortnite goes live on December 6, at 10 am ET/ and 3 pm GMT. You can watch this trailer on Fortnite’s YouTube Channel ahead of LEGO Fortnite’s launch the next day on the 7th. You don’t have to wait long at all for the trailer. Below is a countdown clock to help set the hype level appropriately.

The LEGO Fortnite trailer has dropped! You can check it out below:

What We Know About LEGO Fortnite So Far

LEGO Fortnite is one of three new gameplay modes added as part of Fortnite Chapter 5. It’ll be a distinct standalone experience from the battle royale and PVP modes. As stated on Epic Games’ website, Lego Fortnite is a survival crafting adventure with LEGO versions of 1,200 Fortnite outfit skins. The map will be unique from other Fortnite maps, and everything will be stylized as LEGO bricks. These LEGO outfits cannot be used outside of the dedicated LEGO Fortnite mode.


Since we know so little about this new mode, we have to make do with predictions. Most survival crafting games happen to be PVE affairs, so we expect LEGO Fortnite to go that route too. Having a dedicated PVE mode distinguishes itself from the PVP offerings that Fortnite is usually known for and also adds an element of casual play to the game. Crafting and LEGO go hand in hand, so it’s only natural to assume that players will get to build all kinds of buildings and contraptions using LEGO bricks as material. All of this screams an experience similar to Minecraft, and we can’t wait for it.

That’s it for our LEGO Fortnite release time countdown. Are you excited about the other modes getting added to Fortnite such as Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival? We’ll have all upcoming Fortnite news for you here at Twinfinite in addition to helpful guides and tips.

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