What Are Lookies in Roblox Rainbow Friends?

What Are Lookies in Rainbow Friends? Answered


In a creepy cat-and-mouse horror game where players have to avoid and evade a family of cutesy monsters, you may’ve come across a bunch of small ball-like critters with eyeballs. In fact, in Chapter 2, you’ll even have to find the multi-colored spherical creatures dotted around the map and take them to a specific location to escape the Odd World amusement park. But what are Lookies in Rainbow Friends? That’s the question we’re going to answer down below. So, let’s dive in!

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Rainbow Friends – What Are Lookies?

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that it’s a little unclear what exactly Lookies are as it’s not explicitly explained in Rainbow Friends. But after playing many hours of the game and doing a little digging, we do have our own interpretation of what they are.

Essentially, it’s widely understood amongst the Roblox community that the Lookies were created by Red who is the major antagonist of Chapter 1 and 2 of Rainbow Friends. For those unaware, Red is a mad scientist who is obsessed with experimenting on humans. In fact, he loves to morph them into the titular monsters we see in the game.

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Interestingly, Red also possesses a head that looks exactly like a Lookie. With this detail, we can infer how that happened. From what we can gather, Red tried to morph himself into a Rainbow Friend, but the experiment failed, resulting in him having a round red head, much like a Lookie.

Therefore, building off this piece of information, we believe that Lookies are failed experiments. In other words, Lookies are all human beings who’ve been captured by Red. They’ve then been placed into a chamber to be morphed, only for the experimental process to go awry. This resulted in the Lookies we see in Rainbow Friends.

Red from Rainbow Friends
Image Source: Roblox via Twinfinite

Furthermore, while we don’t get to see Gray as an antagonistic monster like the others, we do know that Gray is another failed experiment in the game. Thing is, Gray doesn’t look like a typical Lookie, but instead appears like an overgrown bug. This is likely due to an ant getting into Gray’s morphing chamber during his experimental transformation.

Finally, another theory is that the Lookies may be security guards that work for the amusement park. This means that they help spy on the players and report back to Red. Whatever the case may be, they’re incredibly cute and adorable and we hope they make another appearance in the next chapter.

And with that, we conclude our guide on what are Lookies in Rainbow Friends. But what say you? Do you agree? Or do you have your own theories? Let us know in the usual place down below. And for more, here’s why Purple is hiding in the drain and what Yellow does. Alternatively, feel free to browse our further coverage down below before you go.

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