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Solo Leveling: Arise Weapon Tier List – Meilin Fisher Update

Never go into a gate barehanded.

The first thing you’ll roll for in Solo Leveling: Arise is characters, and that’s perfectly fine. However, once you’ve got all the ones you want, your next goal is to min-max weapons. So, to help you avoid making bad investments, here is the definitive Solo Leveling: Arise weapons tier list.

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Solo Leveling: Arise Sung Jinwoo Weapons Tier List

S+ Tier Sung Jinwoo Weapons

  • Demonic Plum Flower Sword (SSR) — Extremely easy to use and amazing DPS. The overall best and most beginner-friendly weapon in the game.
  • Moonshadow (SSR) (New) — Insane burst potential and an excellent all-around weapon. However, the Plum Sword still performs a tiny bit better.
  • Shadow Scythe (SSR) — Life steal + great DPS. Its move set is also nice, allowing you to clear packs with easy.
  • The Huntsman (SSR) — Ramps up really well with its passives. Best ranged weapon in Solo Leveling Arise, and the break on it is simply ridiculous.
  • West Wind (SR) — The best ranged DPS SR weapon on this SLA tier list. Every passive skill is an upgrade, and it scales really well with extra crit rate. Until you can upgrade SSR weapons, use this one.

S Tier Sung Jinwoo Weapons

  • Demon King’s Longsword (SSR) — You have to counter attacks for this weapon to work properly. It has a high skill ceiling, but the rewards are just too good.
  • Orb of Avarice (SR) — Another fire weapon with great damage, but this one has poor scaling. It’s excellent for early/mid-game.
  • Skadi (SSR) — Don’t get me wrong, Skadi is OP, but only once you get it to A5. A1 and A3 are both good, but considering how much investment you’ll need at this point to make it work, I don’t know whether it’s worth it.
  • Theti’s Grimoire (SSR) — I was so wrong about this thing until I reached the higher-level content. Early on, the passives are irrelevant as you’ll be one-shotting things mostly, but later, especially when you get it to 5 stars, the damage it dishes out is insane, and the interrupt is extremely useful against bosses.
  • Vulcan’s Rage (SSR) — Benefits a lot from being upgraded and has high AoE burst damage. Received a buff with the Skadi update and is now pretty solid on A5. Wouldn’t craft it, though.

A Tier Sung Jinwoo Weapons

  • Baruka’s Dagger (SR) — The best melee DPS SR weapon in Solo Leveling Arise. Changes the special skill at 1 star to make it more versatile, and at 5 stars, you get a 40% increased Crit rate for 5 seconds after making a back attack.
  • Black Hawk (SR) — Procs your QTE skills when you use the special attack. Also gets damage boosts if you can do perfect evades. The better you are, the stronger this gun is.
  • Burning Demon’s Grimoire (SR) — One of the best non-SSR fire weapons. Great stats and passive skills, and it scales really well if you invest in mana.
  • Kasaka’s Venom Fang (SR) — Gets a flat-out 30% interrupt chance on Core attacks at 1 star. Also applies really strong DoT.
  • Radiru Family’s Longbow (SR) — It takes time to ramp up, just like Knight Killer, but this one just does more damage by default.

B Tier Sung Jinwoo Weapons

  • Demon Knight’s Spear (SR) — The passive works very well on this thing, actually. However, you’ve got better SR options.
  • Knight Killer (SR) — DPS looks great on paper, but it needs time to ramp up, and chances are that you’ll kill the enemies before it reaches its full potential.
  • Lustrous Dragon Sword (SR) — Its best passive skill is on 5 stars, making it a fairly bad investment.
  • Naga Guardian Dragon’s Trident (SR) — Solid DPS and AoE, but requires you to really be in melee. You have better options than this regarding SR weapons.
  • Orc’s Broadsword (SR) — Has really good passives, but you’ll need it to be on 5 stars to be really good, hence the low rank.
  • Arachnid’s Hand Crossbow (R) — The sole good point of this weapon is the 70% healing reduction it can apply, which is extremely handy for some bosses.

C Tier Sung Jinwoo Weapons

  • Dragonscale Broadsword (SR) — Jack of all trades, master of none. It has okayish AoE, single-target DPS, and buffs, but it doesn’t excel at any of those.
  • Frostbite Falchion (SR) — At 3 stars, you get to double cast the special skill that interrupts enemies. Great overall utility weapon, but that’s all it is.
  • Rock Golem Hammer (SR) — Good defensive weapon if you’re the tank, especially on 1 star. However, with all the good tanks in the game, it’s kind of wasteful to use it.
  • Lycan Slayer (R) — A solid ranged option you can use until you get one of the SR weapons.

D Tier Sung Jinwoo Weapons

  • Rare weapons are simply rare weapons, and they are only good for the first few story chapters. You’ll get plenty of them, and none compare to SR/SSRs. So, salvage them.

Solo Leveling: Arise Hunter Weapons Tier List

S+ Tier Hunter Weapons

  • The Sword of Light (SSR) — Cha is already an OP hunter, and this weapon gives her even more crit damage, which you can also interpret as flat damage increases because of her insane crit chance.
  • Unparalleled Bravery (SSR) — These make Seo even more broken. If you can get both these and her to 5 stars, she can easily be one of the best DPSs in the game.
  • Night-Thoughts (SSR) — Amazing damage increase for Emma. You’ll want to upgrade this one as soon as possible if she is your main DPS.
  • Intercept (SSR) — The attack speed buff you get off of this weapon is crazy good for Tae Gyu. Again, you’ll see its true power only once you get it to 5 stars.
  • The Witch of The Snowstorm (SSR) — Insanely buffs her core attack, and each advancement gives valuable bonuses. Probably one of the best weapons to craft in the game.

S Tier Hunter Weapons

  • Equivalent Exchange (SSR) — Stat increases for Choi Jong In and defense shred for enemies. Overall, pretty solid.
  • Solid Logic (SSR) — Read its effect as a flat-out 10% crit rate increase for all party members when on 5 stars. It makes Bora more viable.
  • Eternal Slumber (SSR) — A good overall support weapon for Byung Gu that increases the damage of his teammates. It’s excellent if you can max it out.
  • Hook, Line, and Sinker (SSR) — An okayish support weapon for Fisher. However, getting one for your main DPS should be a priority.

A Tier Hunter Weapons

  • Suppressed White Tiger’s Soul (SSR) — Considering how strong Yoonho is by default, these gloves don’t buff him that much.
  • On a Different Level (SSR) — Massively buffs Woo Jinchul and actually turns him into a playable character. However, you’ll need to invest a lot both into the weapon and him to get there.
  • A Gentle Touch (SSR) — The effect looks very nice on paper. But Dongsoo is kind of garbage, so there isn’t much reason to go for these.
  • Howling White Tiger’s Soul (SSR) — Suicidal weapon for a suicidal character. It really shouldn’t be your priority early on.

B Tier Hunter Weapons

  • Steel Bow (SR) — 24% Crit damage increase. Good for DPS characters. Together with the Steel Dagger, the best SR weapon on this SLA tier list.
  • Steel Dagger (SR) — Depending on how much crit you’re stacking, it might either be better or worse than the bow.
  • Ancient Grimoire (SR) — Upgraded Essence of Magic.
  • Essence of Magic (R) — Probably the best R hunter weapon because of its Power gauge regeneration increase.

C Tier Hunter Weapons

  • Steel Longsword (SR) — Bit better than the regular sword, but still garbage.
  • Steel Staff (SR) — This weapon would be good if you could use QTEs as basic attacks.
  • Steel Shield (SR) — A minor upgrade over the R shield.
  • Bow (R) — Crit damage increase is nice if you have no better weapons.
  • Shield (R) — Good on tanks if you’ve got nothing better.
  • Dagger (R) — Basic Attack damage increase.

D Tier Hunter Weapons

  • Steel Axe (SR) — Same as the hatchet.
  • Sword (R) — Absolutely useless.
  • Hatchet (R) — Core Attack damage increase. If only you could spam it more to make this worthwhile.
  • Staff (R) — Absolutely useless.

Well, that does it for our Solo Leveling Arise weapons tier list. Rolling for weapons should be much easier now that you know which ones are meta. For more on the game, check out our reroll guide. We’ve also got a look at all Solo Leveling Arise codes, plus a characters tier list.

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