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Solo Leveling: Arise Reroll Guide (May 2024)

Start your journey on the right foot.

If you are a true gacha gamer, then rerolling 17 times to get a good start is business as usual for you. However, if you have to beat a 30-minute tutorial each time, then you’ll want to cull down the grind as much as possible. To help you with that, here is our Solo Leveling Arise reroll guide.

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How to Reroll Your Account in Solo Leveling Arise

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reroll your Solo Leveling Arise account:

  1. Download the game on Android or iOS.

    Emulators don’t work, and you can’t create a guest account on PC. So, you’re left with these two options.Solo Leveling Arise on the Google Play Store

  2. Log in as a Guest.

    You can turn off your VPN after you log in.Guest login in Solo Leveling Arise

  3. Beat the tutorial.

    You’ll only need to beat it once.Tutorial menu in Solo Leveling Arise

  4. Claim the 14-day login bonus, codex rewards, achievement rewards, etc.

    Get as many free Essence Stones as you can.14 Day check in rewards in Solo Leveling Arise

  5. Buy as many Selection Draw tickets as you can.

    You should have at least 20 if you’ve collected all the bonuses.Selection draw tickets purchase in Solo Leveling Arise

  6. Pull on the Selection Draw gacha.

    Use all draw tickets you have. Seo Jiwoo, Min Byung Gu, Choi Jong-In, and Emma Laurent are the best characters right now; the best weapons are the Demonic Plum Flower Sword, Shadow Scythe, and The Huntsman.Selection draw in Solo Leveling Arise

  7. If you rolled badly, reset your account.

    To reset your guest account, go to MenuOptions Account SettingsReset Account. If you aren’t logged in as a guest, you won’t get this option, and you’ll have to reset your Solo Leveling Arise account by creating a completely new Email.Account reset in Solo Leveling Arise

  8. Log in again as a guest and skip the tutorial.

    You’ll get a choice to skip the tutorial and go straight into the game. This shortens the time you need to reroll your Solo Leveling Arise account to less than three minutes.Skip tutorial and reroll account in Solo Leveling Arise

  9. Rinse and repeat until you get at least two or three SSRs.

    The more you reroll, the bigger chances you’ll have of ending up with something good.Selection gacha in SLA

  10. Bind your account to save your data.

    Once you’re satisfied with your roll, bind your account to your Email/Google/iOS to ensure your data is safe.Bound account in SLA

Well, that sums up everything you’ll need to start rerolling your Solo Leveling Arise account. We also have a list of the best weapon & skill combos if you’re interested in that. We even have a codes article for Solo Leveling Arise, which will surely come in handy ahead of the game’s US & UK release date.

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