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Monster Never Cry Tier List (May 2024)

The best Demon realms have to offer.

Getting Evo Eggs and hatching monsters is the easiest part of Monster Never Cry. Setting up your squad, on the other hand, is hard. If you spend your resources on suboptimal characters, you’ll be stuck on certain stages for days. So, to help you out with your team-comp choices, here is our Monster Never Cry tier list.

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Monster Never Cry Early Game Tier List

As in many other gacha games, spreading yourself too thin, especially in the early game, can waste you a lot of time in Monster Never Cry. So, it’s best to focus on a couple of characters with whom you can reliably clear content. Here is the early game tier list of all sub-Hellfire characters in Monster Never Cry.

Early Game MNC Tier List

RankingMonster Names
SAdlington, Gurnius, Horace, Loki, Siren
AGuardian I, Ivy, Sylph
BFrogashi, Haborym, Knightomaton
CArachne, Bafomek, Oz, Pania, Roosterai, Sadora
DKlein, Mimir, Rabby, Yuno
Monster Never Cry early game character tier list updated as of 5/22/2024

MNC Monster Summaries

S Tier

  • Adlington: Benefits from the HP>Shield conversion from Horace and can then get a double HP bar effectively. Solid DPS and sustain.
  • Gurnius: Falls a bit short of Loki regarding DPS in the start but catches up with ascensions.
  • Horace: Great synergy with Adlington and great overall support skills.
  • Loki: The best DPS you can use before you can get strong Hellfire characters.
  • Siren: Also works great with Horace, as she can heal all the missing health relatively quickly.

A Tier

  • Guardian I: The only Epic character in A tier for a reason: easy to get and has a 3-second stun by default.
  • Ivy: Good against enemies that jump onto your backline and has great buffs for your DPS characters. Still, Siren gives better sustain.
  • Sylph: Her healing reduction debuff is good against enemies that heal or have supports but is fairly underwhelming as a DPS until you ascend her.

B Tier

  • Frogashi: It might become better in the future as more characters are in the game, but for now, this thing is useless.
  • Haborym: Pretty solid DPS and the best Epic one you can get.
  • Knightomaton: Has great CC and defense but is kind of underwhelming otherwise.

C Tier

  • Arachne: Most useless skills of all Epics. Still good as a stat stick.
  • Bafomek: The best Elite character, but you will grow out of him extremely quickly.
  • Oz: Same as Bafomek.
  • Pania: She fares pretty well, but you will quickly get a better support than her.
  • Roosterai: Good damage, but Haborym and Guardian, I do everything this guy does but better.
  • Sadora: Same as Arachne.

D Tier

  • Klein: Irrelevant.
  • Mimir: Irrelevant.
  • Rabby: Irrelevant.
  • Yuno: Irrelevant.

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Monster Never Cry Late Game Tier List

There is a raging debate on the Discord server about which characters are best for late game. I tried to be as objective as possible, again taking into consideration all of the above-mentioned characteristics. I also took a look at the rosters of the top-performing players for some insight. So, with that in mind, here is the late-game tier list of all Hellfire monsters in Monster Never Cry.

Late Game MNC Tier List

RankingMonster Names
SAvanzo, Kurarith (New), Lilith, Octasia, Vespa, Zenobia
ACoronis, Dracula, Dullahan, SynderHelden, Undine
BMischa, Reddy, Shipshark, Venus
CKukulkan, Medusa, Nafitha, Sarcophagurl
DBarend, Jarm, Oul
Monster Never Cry late game character tier list updated as of 5/22/2024

MNC Hellfire Monster Summaries

S Tier

  • Avanzo: Damage immunity when he falls to low HP. One of the best PvP characters and solid DPS, too.
  • Kurarith: She isn’t really F2P friendly, and you’ll need to invest a lot in her. Still, her summon is great at deterring the enemy’s main DPS, and her passive mist is insane utility.
  • Lilith: Steals ATK from enemies and buffs herself. One of the top DPS characters in the game.
  • Octasia: Debuffs enemies, buffs allies, and deals damage. Jack-of-all-trades type of character; especially good for PvP.
  • Vespa: New units are often better than old ones, but not this much. You get a 6-second charm when maxed out and a lifesteal skill that makes her easily solo the early game. Energy reduction on enemies is just icing on the cake.
  • Zenobia: Gets revived when about to die, stuns enemies, and also has a 5-second silence in her kit. One of the few characters you can start investing in right away if you’re a whale.

A Tier

  • Coronis: This thing is one of the few Hellfire monsters that can solo carry you in the early game. Great damage and self-heal.
  • Dracula: Same as Coronis. Great for soloing early-game content and can carry your whole squad. He is worth investing into in the early game, but don’t overdo it, as there are better DPS options.
  • Dullahan: One of the best tanks in the game and offers good CC in his kit. However, he doesn’t have revives like the S tier tanks.
  • Paleophis (New): Full offensive character that will hardly fit in your squad, especially if you’re F2P. If you want to whale on a unit, maybe wait for the next Vespa banner.
  • SynderHelden: Good magic-damage character but lackluster single-target DPS. Still very viable for PvE.
  • Undine: Great DMG and boosts your strongest DPS further.

B Tier

  • Mischa: One of the best characters in the game for targeting the backline. Great PvP potential.
  • Reddy: Better than nothing tank. Still, not worth investing into if you have any of the stronger ones.
  • Shipshark: Tanky CC character that doesn’t do either of those things well.
  • Venus: Good buffer even at 5 stars, and has solid DPS, too.

C Tier

  • Kukulkan: Health regen is great for PvE, but it needs a lot of enemies to work well. Isn’t that viable in PvP.
  • Medusa: Has good CC, but that’s about it. She might be viable as a counter in PvP.
  • Nafitha: Gets energy as teammates regen it. Can be useful in the future, but there aren’t that many meta energy-regen monsters right now.
  • Sarcophagurl: Great PvP tank at max ascension but otherwise gets stomped. Needs a lot of investment to work, and she still falls short of Avanzo, Zenobia, and the like.

D Tier

  • Barend: Poor skill design and bad synergy with other characters.
  • Jarm: Skills are just very badly designed. Useless.
  • Oul: Garbage skills like the rest of D-tier monsters.

Monster Never Cry Character Upgrade Tips

The resources in MNC are scarce, especially if you are a F2P player. Going for upgrades on multiple characters can leave you with no true carry at all. So, here are a few things to consider when choosing which characters you want to go full send with upgrades:

  • Rarity – There are five monster rarities in-game: Default, Elite, Epic, Legendary, and Hellfire. Getting Hellfire monsters will be harder in the early game, so upgrading and ascending Legendaries first is optimal (you’ll have more resources for that as well).
  • Skills and Stats – You’ll always want to have at least one support in your party, but otherwise, DPS is king in MNC. The faster you kill the bosses, the less time they’ll have to shoot you. So, investing in a DPS first is natural.
  • Team-Comp Potential – Lastly, you’ll want any character you upgrade to be good with your team comp. If you have a lot of single-target DPS and a character that benefits from executing enemies, then the choice is obvious. However, if you have a lot of AoE and DoT, then you might need sustain to keep you alive while the damage ticks.

That does it for our list of the best characters in Monster Never Cry. Choosing who to invest in all of your hard-earned resources should be a lot easier now. Also, if you like gacha games like this one, we have a bunch of other tier lists here on Twinfinite, including ones for Fairy Tale Fierce Fight and Astra: Knights of Veda.

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