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Killer Klowns From Outer Space Human Tips & Tricks

Escape before the Klownpocalypse arrives!

The Killer Klowns have invaded and the Humans must do everything they can to escape. The worst thing is that not only are these terrible invaders trying to kill all humans but they are ruining cotton candy too. It is diabolical and unforgivable! Read on for some handy tips and tricks for Humans to help you survive the Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

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Human Tips & Tricks for Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game

The main objective for Humans in Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game is to find a way to escape. The different escape routes use different items to unlock or fix them so you may discover it takes longer to find a way out than you first anticipated… Meanwhile, the creepy Killer Klowns are tracking you down. Luckily we have some useful tips and tricks to help you escape before the Klownpocalypse hits!

A Stealthy Human Is a Safe Human

Stealth is key for survival in Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Only make noise when absolutely necessary, don’t run unless you absolutely must, and crouch while walking when Klowns are near. Your screen shows how much noise you are making so keep a watchful eye on that as you move around. If it turns red, the nearby Klowns will be able to see your position.

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There are spaces to jump into and hide like large trash containers or cupboards. Just make sure a Klown didn’t see you or they can grab you straight out of your hiding place! While hiding inside, you will have to complete skill checks which get increasingly more difficult the longer you stay. You can also crouch in some of the larger bushes and, as long as your hair or clothing blends in, a Klown will often pass you by.

Keep Your Friends Close

It is entirely possible to survive alone but your odds are better if you do it with friends. Sometimes you are lucky enough to spawn in with a teammate, but sometimes you have to search them out! It is best to stick together in case you get into a spot of Klown trouble. If you are being attacked, the other can have your back and fight them off. Or your friend can hang back and rescue you from the Cocoon once the Klown has hooked you.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space_ The Game help friend cocoon
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There is also proxy-chat so communication is essential. Tell your friends when you have a keycard or the spark plug for an escape route. If they don’t have chat on, there are emotes you can try instead. Most of the escape routes can take at least two Humans and it would be a waste to escape alone! Use a flare to alert a friend to your position if you can. If you stick together and communicate well, you have a better chance of escaping together.

Check Every Container

The key to your escape is finding the right items for each and surviving while you do so! This means your inventory should have at least one weapon, an escape item or two, and a health/stamina item. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a health item for a more essential item like a key or spark plug, but needs must! Search every box you find, every fridge, and every drawer. You never know where you will find the keycard or another elusive spark plug!

Killer Klowns From Outer Space_ The Game container
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You get XP each time you open a new container, so it is doubly worth your time. You don’t have to pick up everything you find, you won’t have space for it anyway, but you will need to prioritize what you keep. Stronger Humans are better off having larger heavy weapons for melee fights while Teens and Cops are better with projectiles and a sharp object. A good Human inventory usually looks like this:

  • A large weapon, preferably an axe
  • A knife or other small weapon
  • Keycard, Key, Spark Plug
  • A projectile weapon like a brick or a ball
  • Health item such as food or a med kit

Aim For The Nose

You will often have to fight off a Klown, and to survive you need to aim for the nose! This is the Klowns’ most vulnerable spot so use this knowledge to your advantage. Projectile items like bricks, balls, or even bullets can stun a Klown for long enough for you to run away if you hit them squarely on the nose. This might take a bit of practice, but it is a skill worth working on!

Killer Klowns From Outer Space_ The Game friends kill klowns
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A knife can also be used to kill a Klown once they are stunned. If a Klown is killed, they have to wait a full minute before they can re-enter the game. This is a great opportunity to turn the match your way! With one Klown down, the Humans have a bit more freedom to get what they need to escape.

Watch Your Stamina

Under your health bar is your stamina bar. This shows how much energy you have while running. Make sure you rest as much as possible when you can, and don’t run unless you have to. Save your stamina for escaping the Klowns! If you need to quickly replenish your stamina you can find and consume an energy drink. This gives you a temporary boost and can get you out of a sticky situation, often literally!

Klowns Aren’t the Only Ones with Tricks!

Fighting back is one way to annoy the Klowns, but there are other ways too. The Killer Klowns are always on the look out for noise notifications around them, so use this to your advantage. Our tip is to switch on TVs or radios to create a good distraction. The Klown will likely go to investigate and have to destroy the item to switch it off. This gives you time to get past them, to fix an escape route, or to rescue a friend from a cocoon the Klown was guarding.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space_ The Game distraction
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Death Is Merely the Beginning

If you die at the hands of a Klown, do not worry. You still have a chance to help your team, and maybe even be resurrected. Once you die, the Hand of Fate begins. The Hand of Fate is a series of mini-games you can play to win items. You then choose to give the item to a teammate, or keep it for yourself in case you get resurrected.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space_ The Game hand of fate min game
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Your friends can use the Resurrection Machine only once per match, so it should be used when a lot of Humans are dead. After clearing the cotton candy from the machine, it can be turned on. This brings back anyone waiting in the limbo land playing the Hands of Fate mini-games.

Now you know how to stay alive, fight back, and survive the Killer Klowns From Outer Space! Next up, why not try out the role of Klown with some of our other handy tips and tricks.

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