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Five Nights TD Tier List – New Update (July 2024)

FNAF meta has never been wilder.

FNTD is one of the most engaging tower defense experiences we’ve had in a while. All of the most iconic animatronics are in it, and choosing the best ones to put on your team is all that matters if you wish to top the leaderboards. To help you do just that, here is our definitive Five Nights TD tier list!

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Five Nights TD Tier List

I tried to be objective with this tier list, taking into account costs, DPS, range, rarity, type, and everything else. So, take it as a priority list rather than just a ranking based on overall damage. I think that’ll help both the new and the veteran players focus on truly important units.

RankingUnit Name
S+Phantom Puppet, Bounded Shadow, Phantom Gold Freddy, Plane Boy, Phantom Balloon Boy, Shadow Bonnie, Blighted Endo Freddy, Leviathan Mangle
SEndo, Algae Fredbear, Phantom Chica, War Machine Foxy, Spring Bonnie, Phantom Mangle, Sentinel Bonnie, Hawaii Endo 02, Phantom Cupcake, Shadow Freddy, Withered Bonnie
AWitch Toy Chica, Fazcade, Phantom Foxy, Patriot Freddy, Rad Freddy, Seven Seas Foxy, Marionette’s Puppeteer, Withered Golden Freddy
BSummer Toy Bonnie, Pirate Withered Foxy, Withered Freddy, Balloon Boy, Withered Foxy, Endo 02, Amalgam, Bonnie
CGolden Freddy, Vendor Toy Chica, Rockin Bonnie, Mangle, Endo 03, Sniper Cupcake, Puppet
DToy Freddy, Phantom Freddy, Baker Toy Chica, Coco Boy, Withered Chica, Toy Chica
EChica, Toy Bonnie, Foxy, Freddy

S+ Tier FNTD Units

  • Phantom Puppet — Phantom Puppet is a more expensive, stronger version of Leviathan Mangle. However, its high base damage will be overkill until very late into endless mode.
  • Bounded Shadow — Bounded Shadow is one of the top end-game pierce units. It’s pretty similar to Phantom Puppet.
  • Phantom Gold Freddy — Phantom Gold Freddy will get nerfed, no question about it. The ultra-low cost, high damage, pierce, and low cooldown make him simply OP for the early game.
  • Plane Boy — Plane Boy is an upgraded version of Withered Bonnie, though with a 50% higher cost. Still, he is one of the best late-game units you can get in Five Nights TD.
  • Phantom Balloon Boy — Phantom Balloon Boy’s damage, range, and AoE are massive. Plus, he isn’t that expensive, making him one of the best all-around units in the game.
  • Shadow Bonnie — Shadow Bonnie is a straight-up better version of Shadow Freddy, though it’s rare, and it costs more to place. Still, she is capable of almost solo carrying you in the late game.
  • Blighted Endo Freddy — Blighted Endo Freddy is a full AoE unit with extremely good range and one of the best DPSs of all AoE units in the game.
  • Leviathan Mangle — Leviathan Mangle is one of the strongest pierce units in FNTD. Its skill has a 1-second CD when fully upgraded, and it deals 400-750 damage, which doesn’t overkill enemies like Puppet’s. Place it on straights or T junctions so it always shoots straight at the enemy line.

S Tier FNTD Units

  • Endo — Endo is a damage-boosting support unit you’ll simply need to have for late-game endless runs.
  • Algae Fredbear — Algae Fredbear is a relatively cheap single-target end-game unit. He might be the single best boss-killer of all secret units.
  • Phantom Chica — When fully upgraded, Phantom Chica is a menace. She has a low cooldown, big AoE explosions, and high damage. However, she does have a relatively high cost, considering her stats.
  • War Machine Foxy — War Machine Foxy is a toned-down version of Plane Boy. It has a lower range, DPS, and placement count. However, its low cost makes it arguably the best mid-game unit right now.
  • Spring Bonnie — Spring Bonnie is just a bit worse version of Endo. You can use them both for endless runs.
  • Phantom Mangle — Single-target DPS-wise, Phantom Mangle is one of the best units in the game. Plus, it has more placement than Plane Boy. It’s just OP for killing bosses.
  • Sentinel Bonnie — Sentinel Bonnie is a continuous unit with a relatively low cost. You can use her in the mid-game as a designated boss-killer.
  • Hawaii Endo 02 — More range means more uptime for your DPS units. He is a solid alternative to the regular Endo.
  • Phantom Cupcake — Phantom Cupcake is a relatively good single-target DPS you can use for the early game.
  • Shadow Freddy — Shadow Freddy is a late-game full AoE unit with a very good range and superb DPS. Place him on corners to maximize his potential.
  • Withered Bonnie — Withered Bonnie is basically a single-target, long-range version of Shadow Freddy. Place her in the middle between two parallel roads to max out her usage.

A Tier FNTD Units

  • Witch Toy Chica — Witch Toy Chica is a solid starter unit. She is cheap and can deal with bosses reliably.
  • Fazcade — Fazcade is a money-farming unit. He is really only good for the story, as money isn’t a problem on endless.
  • Phantom Foxy — Phantom Foxy is a cheap, 4-placement single-target DPS that is very good for the early game.
  • Patriot Freddy — Patriot Freddy is an ultra-cheap early-game explosion unit. He is just a great starter for dealing with big waves. Plus, he is cheaper than Vendor Toy Chica.
  • Rad Freddy — Rad Freddy is one of the units with the longest range in Five Nights TD. Plus, he costs very little, and his damage is insane. He is simply a must for the early game.
  • Seven Seas Foxy — Seven Seas Foxy is a toned-down version of Leviathan Mangle, though it has a longer range. It can pierce enemies, deal solid damage, and has a low cooldown.
  • Marionette’s Puppeteer — It’s back to costing $10,000, which makes it less efficient than it was before. Still, it’s as solid as any other nightmare unit.
  • Withered Golden Freddy — Withered Golden Freddy is a single-target DPS with high base damage and low cooldowns. He is very good for late-game, though there are better options.

B Tier FNTD Units

  • Summer Toy Bonnie — Summer Toy Bonnie is the first slow unit added to FNTD. She can give you more time to DPS the bosses, which can really come in clutch. However, it doesn’t seem to slow enemies enough to warrant using her.
  • Pirate Withered Foxy — Pirate Withered Foxy is a solid early/mid-game. He has excellent range, damage, cost, and attack speed.
  • Withered Freddy — Withered Freddy is a continuous unit just like Toy Bonnie, though he is more expensive and better suited for the late game. Naturally, all of his stats are just straight-up better than Toy Bonnie’s.
  • Balloon Boy — Balloon Boy is an explosion unit with very high base damage and a somewhat long cooldown. He is better than Puppet as he costs less, and you can get much more value from his attacks.
  • Withered Foxy — Withered Foxy is one of the best units you can get early on. He attacks two enemies at once and has a very high base range.
  • Endo 02 — Together with Pirate Withered Foxy, Endo 02 is one of the best early/mid-game units. It has a low cost, high placement count, and high DPS. What more do you need?
  • Amalgam — Amalgam is the second slow unit introduced to FNTD. It can provide you with more time for DPS enemies, but right now, just having more DPS is so much better.
  • Bonnie — Bonnie is an upgraded version of Toy Bonnie. However, her $10,000 placement price is just too high. Still, if you’ve got nothing better for the end game in FNTD, use her.

C Tier FNTD Units

  • Golden Freddy — Considering he has one of the lowest DPSs of all mythics, Golden Freddy is really expensive. Consider him a late-game version of Toy Freddy that is better than having nothing at all.
  • Vendor Toy Chica — Vendor Toy Chica is one of the better explosion units. She has a smaller explosion area than Cocco Boy, but she has a much lower cost, making her excellent for early/mid game.
  • Rockin Bonnie — Rocking Bonnie is a full AoE unit that is primarily used to deal with large packs of very weak enemies. Besides that, she is virtually useless.
  • Mangle — Mangle is a pretty solid late-game explosion unit. However, it shouldn’t be your priority, as all other towers of similar rarity outperform it by a mile.
  • Endo 03 — Endo 03 is just a more expensive version of Phantom Cupcake. He isn’t good for the early game because of his high cost, and he is definitely not good for endless or late game because of his weak stats.
  • Sniper Cupcake — Even though the high range seems to compensate for the low DPS, it doesn’t unless you have slow. So, if you have a slow unit, use Sniper Cupcake. Otherwise, use something with a shorter range but better DPS.
  • Puppet — Puppet has very high base damage and range, but its attack speed is atrociously slow (10 seconds by default). Moreover, the damage is so high you’ll be wasting DPS most of the time. However, it can pierce now, which makes it somewhat viable.

D Tier FNTD Units

  • Toy Freddy — Toy Freddy is a massive upgrade over regular Freddy, though it is more expensive. Still, he is pretty okay for the early/mid-game in Five Nights TD.
  • Phantom Freddy — Low placement count, DPS, and range make Phantom Freddy pretty underwhelming. I think it’ll need some buffs to rank higher.
  • Baker Toy Chica — Baker Toy Chica is an explosion unit with fairly balanced starting stats (40 DMG / 15 Range / 1s cooldown). I’d say she is solid only for the very early game.
  • Coco Boy — Explosion units are awesome for dealing with packs. However, pierce units can do it better, and the DPS of the best ones is much better than that of Coco Boy.
  • Withered Chica — Withered Chica is better than Toy Freddy but still not good enough for C-tier. She is a solid single-target DPS.
  • Toy Chica — Toy Chica is an explosion unit, making her good for dealing with many weak enemies. However, her initial attack speed is really bad, making her suboptimal in the early game.

E Tier FNTD Units

  • Chica — Chica is an explosion unit with a low attack speed. Use her only for the early game and when dealing with a lot of small enemies.
  • Toy Bonnie — Toy Bonnie’s stats are just sub-optimal. Her only redeeming quality is her relatively high range.
  • Foxy — Foxy is melee, which is detrimental in a TD game. I simply can’t see him being used much.
  • Freddy — Freddy is a single-target unit that isn’t useful past the early game. Its high placement count and low cost make it the best in the D tier.

That about does it for our Five Nights TD tier list. If you want to stay up-to-date with the meta in FNTD, be sure to bookmark this post, as we’ll be updating it whenever there’s an update—that is, after we’ve tested the new units, of course.

Also, if you want to try out some other strategy-filled Roblox experiences, I recommend Anime Defenders and Anime Impact. The latter even blends JRPG elements with modern TD gameplay. Moreover, it features solo and duo PvP, making the game extremely competitive, and if you dig that, it’s a must-try.

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