Dark characters from Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes
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Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Tier List (June 2024)

This is not a real food tier list.

Like in all Eyougame titles, characters in Isekai Feast are aplenty. Moreover, you’ll get dupes left and right from events, summons, and other in-game activities. Now, choosing which characters to go all-in on can be difficult unless you go through our definitive Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes tier list!

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Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Tier List

Isekai Feast Tale of Recipes tier list
Image Source: TierMaker and Eyougame via Twinfinite

This tier list is updated as of June 15th. The game has been out for a while now, and that allowed for more testing, especially of D/A units, which generally have lower pull rates. Also, note that all A and above characters are viable, and even some B ones are, though they are useful only for certain modes or are there just because they fall off later on. For more details, check the summaries below.

S+ Tier Isekai Feast Characters

  • Shiro (Cat Poop Coffee) — She is unmatched when it comes to dealing damage. Team-wide AoE and also the ability to focus down low-HP targets, which works extremely well with other assassins like the Bamboo Shogun.
  • Kayzen (Shark Sashimi) — One of the best single-target DPSs in the game, capable of nuking the enemy damage dealers easily. He is just a must-have for the late game.
  • Chloe (Death Choco) — She can execute low-HP enemies, which is extremely good for burst comps, both in PvP and PvE. Also, she is easy to star-up because you can get dupes from multiple sources.
  • Chihiro (Golden Dream) — One of the best DPSs in the game and your end-game goal. Ignores DEF, assists allies with attacks and applies shock. A true beast of a character. Pair her with Neko to make the most of her passive.
  • Miyuki (Macaron) — One of the best pure supports in Isekai Feast. Can revive, heal, and apply almost permanent damage reduction. Great for stonewalling PvP comps.
  • Chiyome (Sea Mirage) — The best ally Bret can have on the team, as she can reliably apply curse and even stun enemies. Overall, she might be the best end-game tank.
  • Neko (Black Witch) — Self-res and a crazy good Devour Mark debuff, which is excellent if you have allies like Chihiro, who can attack a lot.
  • Bret (Sardine Warrior) — PvP is where Bret shines the most. As soon as he goes below 50% HP, he gets heals, control immunity, damage, and no cooldowns. He is not half bad for PvE, either. However, upgrading him can be hard if you are F2P.
  • Nohime (White Truffle) — Insane full AoE damage and solid single-target DPS. Also, she is capable of dispelling all buffs from enemies, making her awesome for PvP. However, getting dupes is very hard.
  • Elizabeth (Bloody Mary) — Debuffer and AoE damage-dealer. She also applies shields to her allies. Extremely useful for almost any game mode.
  • Miya & Yuri (Twins Saints) — I was really wrong about these twins initially. Strong nuke damage and stun in their kit. Plus, they are one of the easiest Abyssal characters to upgrade because you can get them in the store.

S Tier Isekai Feast Characters

  • Yoshiko (Bird’s Nest) — Maybe even better support than Miyuki. Splits damage between all allies and can heal even while dead. She is indispensable for late-game PvP.
  • Yumiko (Gingerbread) — Buffs all divine allies and applies debuffs on the enemy frontline. Plus, a really solid AoE DPS. She is really hard to get, though.
  • Kuromi (Pineapple Bun) — Almost completely ignores enemy DEF, making her excellent against stonewalling PvP comps. Plus, she can purify herself when she goes under 60% HP, which is also good against those same comps.
  • Raven (MechCrab) — Frontliner that can protect their allies and reduce enemy damage. He is probably the best tank of all non-D/A units.
  • Annabelle (Tom Yum) — Gives heal on crit to all her allies, increases enemy damage taken, and can dispel buffs on enemies. Pretty OP for a support.
  • Nami (Shrimp Princess) — She is the best non-D/A support in the game, in my opinion. She is best used for prolonged fights and bosses because of her damage-increase passive.
  • Michi (White Cabbage) — Extremely strong single-target DPS and the best non-D/A one. Also, once awakened in battle, she gets 45% block chance, making her extremely hard to kill. The only thing you need to do is keep her alive until then.
  • Ukyo (Bamboo Shogun) — Anti-backline character that can even silence enemies. One of the overall best non-D/A DPSs.
  • Natasha (Soul Spring) — Can revive and buff allies. Plus, she applies debuffs to enemies. Considering that you can get her relatively easily, she is pretty OP.
  • Alice (Blue Cheese) — The best Hydro DPS by a mile. The armor penetration she has is invaluable in PvP. She works well with characters like Natasha, who can revive.
  • Yurei (Blizzard) — Single-target DPS that does extremely well on bosses. He is solid for PvP, too. If you are F2P, he should be one of your main targets early on.
  • Jack (Roast Duck) — Kind of RNG, but extremely strong for PvP because of his ability to stun enemies.
  • Alexander (King Crab) — He is the best tank Divine has at the moment. He can save allies, which is extremely good for PvP, and he can apply taunt, though with a long cooldown.
  • Oscar (Mr. Lobster) — Self-sufficient like Sky, but much stronger. He can apply scorch to anyone who attacks him and has self-res, making him a perfect front-line. I don’t think he is the best for late-game, though.
  • Medusa (Ms. Curry) — Can revive allies and applies crit-res, which is invaluable for PvP. Not that great in PvE, though.

A Tier Isekai Feast Characters

  • Aurora (Sea Swallow) — She can silence enemy DPSs and apply bleed reliably, which you will need for Shiro. She isn’t that amazing for the late game, so getting her to 9 stars and using her as food later is the way to go.
  • Yui (Cappuccino) — Can reliably apply armor break on enemies, which is good against comps with multiple tanks. Her heals and buffs are nice, too.
  • Luna (Margarita) — She is one of the best early-game characters you can focus on. Extremely good DPS and ultra-easy to get dupes.
  • Lilya (Red Velvet) — Anti-support and anti-DPS. She is not mandatory to have on your team, but she is nice to have.
  • Sky (Butter Hot Pot) — Frontline anti-tank unit that can reliably deal scorch and heal himself with his active. This self-sufficiency is excellent early on, but he falls off the more you progress.
  • Sherley (Saffron) — A must on any full-fire squad. Excellent single-target DPS, buffs allies’ scorch/burn damage, and goes berserk, increasing damage when under 60% HP.
  • Avril (Blue Hawaii) — One of the best debuffers in the game. She has anti-heal, anti-resurrection, and freeze in her kit. However, you’ll want to replace her at some point with a D/A unit.
  • Elaine (Lotus Soup) — Strong AoE that can apply bleed on enemies, which you’ll need for Shiro.

B Tier Isekai Feast Characters

  • Hiroko (Abalone Soup) — Single-target DPS with a long downtime. If she doesn’t get help with her one-shot, she can feel kind of useless, so play her with characters that can also go after the backline. Use her for food if you have enough dupes of other good Divine units.
  • William (Iberian Ham) — Underwhelming, considering he is a Divine unit. He is okay as a DPS if you have supports to help him out, but I can’t see him in late-game team comps.
  • Thomas (Steak Warrior) — Extremely good frontline that works best against bosses. However, there are other better tanks in the game, most notably Alexander and Chiyome.
  • Franky (French Snail) — He is extremely strong against melee-heavy comps. However, other characters outperform him once the CP scores get high.
  • Misha (Ice Soda) — Her most important trait is the slow that can’t be dispelled, allowing you to go first and potentially one-shot enemies. However, I can’t see her being used too much outside of PvP.
  • Victoria (Starry Cake) — Really good for a DPS, but her utility is somewhat lacking. You can make use of her early on, but try to replace her with someone better if you can.
  • Daina (Milanese Pasta) — Okayish buffs and heals, but only for one ally. You can use her for teams that rely on one-shotting enemy DPSs early.

C Tier Isekai Feast Characters

  • Robert (Uncle Sausage) — If he goes below 50% and doesn’t shoot an enemy, he is useless. A character that relies heavily on good RNG to work.
  • Sami (Kushali) — Relatively easy to get and excellent for one-shot comps. I wouldn’t use her on teams that rely on extending the fight, though.
  • Midori (Celery Lily) — He can apply anti-heal and armor break, but there are other units that do that better. I wouldn’t use him past early/mid-game.
  • Sargon (Fugu Lord) — An extremely good tank for the early game, and you can get dupes easily. Protects your strongest units, too. Other tanks are just plain better later on, though.
  • Elisa (Lafee) — Increased crit and damage against burned/scorched targets. Pretty strong if you can apply those on all enemies reliably. However, I wouldn’t use past early game (<2M CP).
  • Ember (Bluefin Tuna) — Can stun, blind, and slow enemies, and if you’re lucky, can deal significant single-target damage, setting up her teammates for an execution. Only good for early game, though.

D Tier Isekai Feast Characters

  • Bernard (Munich Beer) — Fairly tanky and can taunt enemy frontliners. However, Alexander is just a hundred times better.
  • Simon (Silver Needle) — A backline assassin that can even prevent revives. However, he relies on good RNG. I think he is best used as food.
  • Hareo (Mexican Chili) — Can attack virtually anyone on the field, but because he can’t focus anyone down, he has a lot of wasted potential. Upgrade him to 9S and then use him as fodder.

I hope that choosing which characters to roll for in Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes will be much easier now that you’ve read this tier list. Also, note that I only included SSR characters, as SR and R characters are neither good early on nor in the endgame. They are simply fodder.

Finally, for more gacha tier lists just like this one, be sure to bookmark Twinfinite. We’ve ranked characters in all the most popular titles, including Solo Leveling: Arise, Dragon Age Pals Adventure, and Astra: Knights of Veda.

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