Image Source: Hopoo Games
Image Source: Hopoo Games

How to Unlock All Characters in Risk of Rain Returns

How to get the whole party back together!

The newly released Risk of Rain Returns game features an impressive lineup of awesomely-designed characters called Survivors that each have their own unique abilities and perks to try out on each of your playthroughs. While you start out with two survivors from the roster, the rest have to be unlocked via different challenges. If you’re wondering how to get the whole cast, here is our handy guide for how to unlock all characters in Risk of Rain Returns.

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Every Survivor in Risk of Rain Returns & How to Unlock Them

Risk of Rain Returns how to unlock all characters
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Of a roster of 15 survivors altogether, the game immediately starts you off with two of them: Commando and Huntress. Both are robust, classic Risk of Rain choices that are good to start off with, whether you’re new to the series or not. Others are locked behind unique, hidden challenges that must be completed for them to become playable.

Here is the entire list of survivors, as well as how to unlock each of them.

Survivor NameHow to Unlock
CommandoImmediately available at start of the game
HuntressImmediately available at start of the game
AcridFind Acrid’s prison container in the “Sunken Tombs” level and defeat him
ArtificerVisit 10 unique levels
BanditBeat the third stage
CHEFHave the Bustling Fungus, Meat Nugget, Sprouting Egg, Foreign Fruit, and Bitter Root items equipped at the same time.
DrifterRecycle 6 drones in one playthrough
EnforcerDefeat Magma Worm, Colossus, and Wandering Vagrant bosses
EngineerPurchase 40 drones in total
HAN-DFind HAN-D in the final level in the Cargo 2 area
LoaderObtain 30 unique items in a single playthrough
MercenaryBeat the entire game 5 times
MinerDefeat the Direseeker mini-boss in the Magma Barracks
PilotCollect 15 Monster Logs
SniperBeat the game once

Be sure to take advantage of the Providence Trials as well to unlock additional special abilities for some of these characters.

That concludes our guide on how to unlock all characters in Risk of Rain Returns. We hope you found this helpful and let us know which of the survivors you like most so far, or overall.

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