How to Unlock All Artifacts in Risk of Rain Returns

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Risk of Rain Returns brings the original game back into the fold with a few upgrades along the way. Artifacts are one element you will recognize if you played Risk of Rain 2, and just like before, each one needs to be unlocked before it can be used. Read on to find out how to unlock all the Artifacts in Risk of Rain Returns.

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Risk of Rain Returns Artifacts – All Artifacts and How to Unlock Them

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Image Credit: Hopoo Games and gearbox Publishing via Twinfinite

Artifacts in Risk of Rain Returns appear in specific locations and need different characters or skills to unlock them. Unlocking every single one may mean working through the entire game a number of times, but it is worth it!

Here we have the entire list of Artifacts, as well as how to find and obtain each one:

  • Command: Ensures rarity boxes appear instead of random loot and gives player a choice of items.
    • You can find this Artifact at the Hive Cluster. To the east of the map, there is a gap you can bridge with ropes and discover the Artifact there.
  • Distortion: Gives you skills that change every minute with cooldowns.
    • At the Damp Caverns, go to the north-eastern area. Here you will see three platforms only accessible through increases to your jump capabilities. The Artifact is inside a box at the top.
  • Enigma: Gives you random equipment that changes with every use.
    • Head to the Sunken Tomb. At the south-east area of the map, you will find a pit. Head down and you will be bounced into the section with the Artifact.
  • Glass: Decreases health to 10% but boosts damage to 500%.
    • Get to the Frozen Tundra and go up the mountainside to an alcove. Inside the cave you will find buttons to press which will eventually spawn the Artifact.
  • Honor: Enemies spawn as elites every time.
    • Go to the Desolate Forest and to the west area to a tunnel. Go through and head south, and then go west. Here you will see a stair-like structure you can head up to find the Artifact.
  • Kin: One enemy only will spawn per map.
    • At Dried Lake, look for a broken wall. Destroy it to find a secret area inside. Three buttons will reveal the Artifact.
  • Origin: Three to five Purple Imps plus a Vanguard will spawn from a portal nearby.
    • Activate all other Artifacts and then play through the game again to defeat the final boss. Go down one level and you’ll find the Artifact.
  • Sacrifice: Chests do not appear, but you get loot from monsters instead.
    • At the Magma Barracks, look for three buttons. With an attack that can pierce a wall, activate the buttons to find the Artifact to get through. Find the Artifact to the south.
  • Spite: Enemies explode upon death.
    • Go to the Sky Meadows and search for a small hole leading to the bottom of the map. Go along the platforms until you reach the Artifact.
  • Spirit: The lower your health, the faster you run.
    • At the Temple Ruins, go east. Once there, jump and land on the platforms hidden below. Go east and across platforms until you reach the Artifact.
  • Tempus: Items are worth multiple but are temporary.
    • We have not yet found this Artifact, but when we do we will update this article accordingly!

That is all we know about the available Artifacts in Risk of Rain Returns. For more hints and tips, including whether there are cheats in this game, check out the list of guides below.

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