How to Get Urzikstan Bunker Keycards in Warzone & All Bunker Locations
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How to Get Urzikstan Bunker Keycards in Warzone & All Bunker Locations

Want to find some amazing loot?

As you travel around Urzikstan, you’ll definitely find one of the numerous bunkers. These offer some excellent loot, but opening them can be tricky. As they aren’t exactly a secret, you’ll want to know where they are to beat other players there. We have all the information you need to open the Urzikstan bunkers and all their locations.

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Where to Find All Bunkers in Urzikstan

There are 12 bunkers scattered around the map. The good news is that it’s almost impossible for anyone to get to all of them in one game, so you should be able to stake out the one you want. These do also show up on your minimap as a question mark in a white circle, which should help you zero in on them.

They are found at:

  • Southeast of Levin Resort
  • Popov Power
  • Southeast corner of Orlov Military Base
  • Eastern edge of Seaport District
  • North of Old Town island
  • Southwest of Old Town, around the buildings near the water
  • Low Town
  • South of Hadiqa Farms
  • Far southwest edge of the map
  • Zaravan Suburbs
  • Northeast of Zaravan Suburbs
  • South of Zaravan Suburbs and Shahin Manor, near the edge of the map
Urzikstan Bunker Locations
Image Source: Infinity Ward via Twinfinite

How to Open Bunkers in Urzikstan

To open any bunker in Urzikstan, you’re going to need a Bunker Keycard. Each one can only open a single bunker, so you’re going to have to hoard them if you want to visit more than one in a game.

The key we found was in a chest as part of a Scavenger Contract, but they can most likely drop from any chest in the game. As with any key, you are able to drop them for your squadmates.

Bunker Keycard
Image Source: Infinity Ward via Twinfinite

When you get close to a bunker with a key in your inventory, there will be a “Bunker Nearby” notice at the bottom of your minimap. Once used, the key disappears, but the doors will open so you can get the loot inside. There will be plenty of things to search through, with a decent chance you’ll find some powerful gear.

Hopefully, whatever you find in the Urzikstan Bunkers will help you survive the rest of the round and end up as the last squad standing. If you need any further help narrowing down the bunkers or you have other Warzone questions, please ask us in the comments below.

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