Activision Still Aiming to Release Urzikstan Warzone Battle Royale Ranked in 2024
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Activision Still Aiming to Release Urzikstan Warzone Battle Royale Ranked in 2024

Anyone up for an extra challenge?

Since the Urzikstan map was released for Warzone in late 2023, fans have been waiting for ranked to return. It was most recently mentioned in February in a blog post about Season 2 on the Call of Duty site. It was light on details; all it had to say was that it would come later this year. After three months of silence, while fans have been asking on Reddit and Twitter, there is finally a new update.

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Call of Duty-focused outlet Charlie Intel shared in a tweet that Activision promised Ranked was still coming in a call with creators. However, while this is still a confirmation, it is still in the works. The only downside is that Activision didn’t announce a possible date. Instead, they once again give it the “later this year” release window. That might not be completely what was wanted, but at least Activision knows players still want it.

Ranked play first arrived in Warzone 2.0 in May 2023 for the Al Mazrah map. At the time, only players who were level 45 could participate. The experience was streamlined by removing public events and restricted vehicle access, as well as locking it to Trios. Ranked doesn’t seem to be too taxing to create, so it is unclear what is delaying its return.

As Activision has only recently started revealing more about the upcoming Black Ops 6, it is possible Warzone will affected. It could be that “later this year” means right at the Black Ops 6 launch just to drop two big things at once. We’re still only in the trailer phase of seeing what’s coming with the new game, so there’s definitely more at play here.

As always, we will make sure to keep an ear to the ground about any further Warzone Ranked developments. In the meantime, stick with us as we also cover all new developments with Black Ops 6.

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