How to Get Deeply Musical Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.
Fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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During the limited-time event Royal Winter Star Path, you’ll have many special tasks that bring tokens after completion, which you can use the tokens to buy special rewards. One of those tasks is to catch a deeply musical fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How To Catch Deeply Musical Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To catch a deeply musical fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a relatively easy task, but you will first have to find Bass around the valley. There are many kinds of fish you can catch in the valley, and each of them has its own special attributes to look for. The tricky part is to find out what kind of fish are you looking for.

Once you figure out the kind of fish required, you can find the deeply musical fish. Bass can be found in the area of the regular valley, or in the various locations around the Eternity Isle. They can be caught only when fishing in general open water, so look for places without ripples of any color. These are the locations where you’ll find Bass:

  • Peaceful Meadow
  • Forest of Valor
  • Frosted Heights
  • Sunlit Plateau

Note that if you have the Disney Dreamlight Valley expansion pass to A Rift in Time, there are five additional locations on Eternity Isle where you can fish for Bass.

  • Glittering Dunes
    • The Oasis
  • Wild Tangle
    • The Grasslands
    • The Grove
    • The Promenade
    • The Lagoon

Note that the task cannot be completed until you catch 10 Bass in total. They also must be freshly caught, so any fish you collect from chests or catch from Moana’s boat won’t count.

Fishing is just one of the fun activities you can do at Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. Be patient until you find the location and recognize what type of fish it is. After that, everything else is pretty easy and straightforward. Happy fishing!

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