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How to Get Chirurgeon Tome in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Certainly a top-tier specialization.

Pawn specializations can be earned in a few ways, some easier than others. While they all play a different role in customizing your party, a few of them are top-tier and worth hunting down if you can. Today, we’ll discuss how you can earn the Chirurgeon tome in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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A pawn in Dragon's Dogma 2 with the chirurgeon specialization
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How to Find Dragon’s Dogma 2 Chirugeon Tome

Chirurgeon is one of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s specializations for your main pawn. This specialization ensures that your pawn will heal and cure other pawns if they have the required items in their inventory. It’s easy to see how this particular specialization can be so useful. Especially in instances where your pawn team comp doesn’t have a mage, and you’re also not a mage, but you want your pawns to be taken care of mid-fight.

Medicament Predicament Side Quest

While you can always try and find a pawn to hire that already has the Chirurgeon specialization to teach your main pawn, the other main option is to use a tome item on them instead. This particular tome can be earned by completing the Medicament Predicament side quest in Melve.

The side quest itself starts when you speak to the NPC Flora who is in front of Runne’s Apothecary. From there, you travel to Vernworth and speak to Flora’s grandfather Auriol who resides in the Merchant Quarter. Doing so rewards you with Chirurgeon’s tome. Unfortunately, if you give the tome to your pawn to carry there is a chance it could vanish for one reason or another.

Other Methods

Additionally, say you’ve already used the tome, and then use another to change your pawn’s specialization. You would then need another tome to change it back, which you won’t have. So you’ve already done the quest and used the tome, or lost it, what else can you do? There is one way, it’s just an unofficial way—good old-fashioned mods.

Going to Nexus Mods and finding Dragon’s Dogma 2 mods is how you’ll want to start the modding process. From there, you’ll need two different mods: Fluffy Mod Manager and Crazy’s Shop. Fluffy Mod Manager will make installing and uninstalling mods quite easy, while Crazy’s Shop allows you to buy all kinds of items from any merchant in Vernworth. That includes Chirurgeon’s tome.

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