dragon's dogma 2 evacuate vernworth in red unmoored world
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How to Evacuate Vernworth in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Even at the end of the world, Allard and Disa remain annoying

Once you enter the Unmoored World in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and return to Vernworth, you’ll learn that Melve has been destroyed. Vernworth seems to be next, and you need to help evacuate all the citizens to the Seafloor Shrine. Let’s go over how to evacuate Vernworth and convince Queen Disa and Minister Allard.

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How to Evacuate Vernworth in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Speak to Captain Brant

To begin the evacuation of Vernworth you first need to speak to Captain Brant who will be found at the same location as usual, the tavern. Speak to him and he will instruct you to go speak with Regentkin Sven, who has taken control and led the people in the absence of the False Sovran.

Speak to Regentkin Sven

Speak to Sven and propose the evacuation to him. You can find him on the upper floor of Vernworth Castle. He’ll agree and mention that he wants to do the same. He’ll ask you to go secure the Oxcarts on the eastern end of the city on the Oxcart route that leads to the Border Checkpoint Town. He’ll also ask you for help in convincing his mother, Queen Disa, to evacuate.

Dragon's Dogma 2 speak to sven in sven's chambers
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Secure the Oxcarts

Minister Allard is back at it again with being a complete lowlife scumbag as he has bought up all the Oxcarts to transport his wealth. You won’t have to deal with this if you’ve completed Wilhelmina’s questline. However, if you do end up having to deal with him, he refuses to listen to reason. In this scenario, you can kill him, but there’s a more peaceful method here as well.

dragon's dogma 2 secure oxcart from allard
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Simply brandish your weapons and speak to Allard a few times and he will run away. This will secure the Oxcarts for evacuating Vernworth and you can now report back to Sven.

How to Convince Queen Disa

Queen Disa has shut off her heart to everyone and refuses to eat or evacuate. The only way to convince her is to give the Ornate Box to Sven. You can purchase the Ornate Box at a small stall opposite the fountain in the main plaza from the same merchant whose granddaughter asks for Fruit Raborant. It looks similar to the Dragon’s Gaze, used to find Wakestone Shards. Purchase the Ornate Box and gift it to Sven. He’ll go and convince his mother, Queen Disa, to evacuate after this.

dragon's dogma 2 give ornate box to king sven
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That’s all you need to know on how to evacuate Vernworth, secure the Oxcarts, and convince Queen Disa to evacuate. While you’re on this quest, learn all the steps for the True Ending and learn how to evacuate Baakbattahl.

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