Bahrain GP layout
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F1 24 Best Bahrain Setup

Ready to take pole?

Bahrain is the first track on the calendar and is loved by many because of its relatively simple layout. That also means that a lot of people will be playing it and, therefore, the competition will be high. So, if you want to stay ahead of them and win those races, you had better use the best setup for Bahrain in F1 24, which we have detailed just below.

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Best Time Trial & Race Bahrain Setup in F1 24

Before we dive into the details, I want to point out that I’m still working on perfecting this setup. I made it so that low and mid-speed cornering is pushed to the limit, sacrificing time on the straights. I think that’s the way to go on Bahrain, considering that I was managing 1:29s even on a keyboard in our office.

That also means that you’ll be breaking later and hitting the apex earlier, so be ready to adjust your driving and breaking points slightly when using this setup. Anyway, here is the best setup for Bahrain in F1 24:


  • Front Wing Aero: 35
  • Rear Wing Aero: 34


  • Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 45%
  • Differential Adjustment Off Throttle: 40%
  • Engine Braking: 30%

Suspension Geometry

  • Front Camber: -2.50°
  • Rear Camber: -0.90°
  • Front Toe-Out: 0.00°
  • Rear Toe-In: 0.00°


  • Front Suspension: 37
  • Rear Suspension: 18
  • Front Anit-Roll Bar: 5
  • Rear Anit-Roll Bar: 3
  • Front Ride Height: 21
  • Rear Ride Height: 51


  • Brake Pressure: 100%
  • Front Brake Bias: 53%


  • Front Right Tyre Pressure: 23.8
  • Front Left Tyre Pressure: 23.5
  • Rear Right Tyre Pressure: 21.1
  • Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 21.1

If you prefer images instead, check out the gallery above. Anyway, i hope this setup serves you well and that you set new records on Bahrain in F1 24. For more guides, tips, and tricks for F1 24, be sure to bookmark Twinfinite. Also, if you want to try the new two-player career mode, you’ll first have to know how to invite friends, so read up on that.

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