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Does Once Human Beta Progress Carry Over?

Time is money, after all.

Once Human, a multiplayer open-world survival crafting looter-shooter, is just now entering its third partially open beta. However, the question remains, does Once Human’s beta progress carry over?

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Will Once Human Beta Progress Carry Over?

Once Human is a game that blends quite a few video game genres to create something pretty unique. Yet, its survival crafting roots can be felt in the gameplay that tasks you with setting up your territory, complete with useful crafted buildings that remind me of Fallout 76.

A player's home in their territory in Once Human
Image Source: Starry Studio

The answer is sadly no. So it stands to reason that the next beta test will likely also lack any progress carrying over to the next phase. That answer may be unsatisfying, but if you take a moment to think about it, then it all makes sense. This is because in ever-evolving games like Once Human, early betas act as periods to test fundamental systems and make sweeping changes or even complete overhauls of some systems.

Such overhauls also likely include new major gameplay or content additions that also need extensive bug testing. Progress carrying over from one game phase to another doesn’t usually happen until a game reaches a stage like persistent open beta or Steam early access. By that point, a majority of an online game’s content and systems have been tested enough that new additions won’t require any further progress wipes (though, that isn’t always the case).

Once Human isn’t launching until later in the fall of 2024, so it’s likely to have many sizeable changes coming before launch. As such, don’t expect your progress to carry over until an open beta period in the late summer in all likelihood. Now is the time to get acquainted with the game and get an idea of what you want to do once progress is permanent. Helping the devs tackle bugs and issues is also a good idea too!

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