How to Get Into the Once Human Beta
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How to Get Into the Once Human Beta

There's a new beta going live, here's how to join in!

The survival game Once Human is holding a new beta in April, and it seems fans are looking forward to it going live. While the game will originally launch on Steam, the beta seems to be unrelated to the platform, making beta access a little confusing. If you’re looking for help, here is how to get into the beta for Once Human.

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How to Join Once Human Beta

The April beta, dubbed CBT3, is PC-only, and it looks like the developers aren’t too picky on participants, as a Discord message claims there isn’t a 150k character creation cap for the first 24 hours. The first thing to know is that if you participated in CBT2, you are guaranteed access using your same account. You can use the CBT2 launcher and patch it to work with CBT3. If you deleted the launcher, you can easily redownload it from the Once Human site.

For everyone else, you will also want to visit the Once Human site and scroll down slightly to just under the platforms. There will be a box for PRE-DOWNLOAD BETA LAUNCHER (PC), which you’ll want to click as it will automatically download the executable file you need. You just need to open the .exe file and it will take care of the rest. Make sure to create an account while the launcher is downloading the game so you can log in and be ready when it is done.

According to the Discord server, while there isn’t a 150k character creation cap for the first 24 hours, there will be one after. Though, if this cap is exceeded within that 24 hours, then new players won’t need access keys to play in the beta until Friday, April 5 at 10 PM ET.

However, that means new players after that won’t be able to simply get in. For that reason, you need to get the launcher going and create your character as quick as possible, so you won’t be potentially locked out of participating.

How to Get Once Human CBT3 Codes

The easiest way to get codes is by joining the Once Human Discord Server (there’s an icon at the top of the website). There is a channel called #70k-free-code that you can participate in for the chance of getting a code. To begin participation, you’ll want to visit this page and apply for your chance to get a code.

Hopefully, you’re seeing this at the right time and you can still easily get into the Once Human beta. All the information and access is granted through the CBT3 PC Launcher, so be sure to keep an eye on it all throughout the beta.

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