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All Items in Content Warning

Don't go ill-equipped!

If you are going to drop down into the shadowy depths of Content Warning, you will need some decent equipment. Check out the list below to see all items you can take with you in Content Warning.

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All Available Items in Content Warning

Your job in Content Warning is to record any scary moments and freaky monsters with your team… And to survive. To help you do your job as best you can, you will need to buy some helpful gear. Some of these items will let you film for longer in the shadows or let you heal when injured.

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Image Source: Landfall Publishing

Here is what you can get:

Old FlashlightLight$20
Modern FlashlightLight$150
Long FlashlightLight$200
Modern Flashlight ProLight$500
Long Flashlight ProLight$600
Defibrillator Revive$300
Boom MicBetter audio$100
ClapperIncreases views$100
Goo BallStuns monsters$150
Shock StickStuns monsters$400

The Flashlights are listed from dullest with the shortest battery life, to the brightest and longer lasting. As you gain more views and more money, you will be able to afford the better gear and last longer down in the Old World. The Goo Ball and the Shock Stick are the only items which can be described as weapons, although they don’t cause any real damage. You and your teammates can use them to shock and stun the monsters and give you time to get away. As far as healing and reviving go, the Hugger and Defibrillator are only available for teams. If you are going in solo, then you are on your own!

Many of those items will help increase your views and make more money so you can keep making spooky videos! Check out our monster guide to see if you have found every monster in Content Warning.

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