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All Emotes in Content Warning

Show them your best moves

As any entertainer knows, it is important to have some on-screen presence. The audience must be entertained at all times! In Content Warning, the best way to make money is to ensure your audience is happy and one of the ways you can do this is by showing off your best moves. Check out all emotes in Content Warning and how much each will cost to unlock.

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How to Unlock All Emotes in Content Warning

You will have 16 emotes to choose from in Content Warning and you can find them in the emote menu once equipped. To emote in-game just press T and show off your best moves! The better (and more expensive) your emote, the more it will boost your views. This is essential if you want to make more money to purchase more items and emotes!

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Image Source: Landfall Publishing

Use emotes to communicate to your team and to make each other laugh. However, the main reason for emoting in Content Warning is to entertain your audience and gain more views. To purchase emotes, you can visit the screen before heading down to the Old World and choose either Emote or Emote 2. Here is what you can find:

Workout 1Emote$150
Dance 103Emote$300
Dance 102Emote$400
Dance 101Emote$500
Backflip P1Emote$600
CaringEmote 2$50
Ancient GesturesEmote 2$80
Ancient Gestures 2Emote 2$220
YogaEmote 2$500
WorkoutEmote 2$750
Thumbnail 1Emote 2$800
Thumbnail 2Emote 2$900
Ancient Gestures 1Emote 2$1000

The best emote to use is the Ancient Gestures 1 emote. It is very expensive but in this game you have to spend money to make money! All of the emotes are worth purchasing, even if it is just for the fun of it, but the more money you spend, the better the reaction of the audience.

If you want to change things up even more drastically you could always explore the mods available for Content Warning.

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