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Best Content Warning Mods

Mod it up!

Content Warning has only been out for a day and there are already some useful and hilarious mods available. The community has wasted no time in introducing some mods designed to make the game more fun or easier to play. Read on for the best Content Warning mods available to download right now.

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Best Available Content Warning Mods

Mods can change the look or feel of a game by adding and changing elements to suit each player. Despite only coming out on April 1, Content Warning has already had multiple mods created for it. Let’s explore the best available Content Warning mods right here.

ViralityBigger lobby sizes: up to 200
Late joining: no more lobby restarting to add player
Right-click Steam join
Required by all players to use
Only 4 players need to sleep to progress the day
Hospital bills for all dead players
MoreCustomization128 character limit for faces
Copy and paste ability in Terminal
Size adjustment for faces
Volume BoosterFreely configure Master Volume up to 30x
Freely configure SFX Volume up to 30x
Freely configure Voice Volume up to 30x
UI TweaksAllows toggling the UI with the ‘P’ key
Allows disabling Vignette in plugin configuration
content warning monsters
Image Source: Landfall Publishing

There will be more mods to come as the community continues to build ideas. In the Content Warning Modding Discord group, some amazing ideas are floating around:

  • Arachnophobia Mod to transform the spider creature into something less spidery
  • Unlimited film mod so you never run out of space on the camera
  • Night Vision mode for the darker moments in Content Warning
  • Low graphic mod for a lo-fi effect
  • Control Monsters mod to prank your friends
  • More cameras so more than one person can film

Would you use any of those suggested mods? Or do you have a better idea for a mod you would like to see? Stick around for more up-to-date Content Warning hints and tips including a complete monsters guide!

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