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All Cheats in ARK Survival Ascended (ASA)

Tame those dinosaurs in a second!

It’s a hard life surviving in a world of prehistoric creatures and vicious dinosaurs, but Ark Survival Ascended has some cheats you can use to balance the odds in your favor. To that end, we’ve compiled every console command cheat available in the game right here!

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Image Credit: Studio Wildcard

Every Console Command in ARK Survival Ascended

The first thing you need to know is that, in Ark Survival Ascended, the cheats and console commands run the gamut, offering a wide range of functionalities. On the other hand, some impact your character and the creatures they maintain control over, while others let you turn the game into your own personal toybox.

Additionally, we’ve compiled the cheats list down below and provided descriptions of their effects. Take your time to explore all of the available options, because they can genuinely assist you.

ARK Survival Ascended Cheats List

addexperience<number>Adds XP to your character.
Changesize<value>Changes your size.
DotameTames targeted dinosaurs.
EnemyinvisibleYou become invisible.
FlyEnables flying.
ForcetameRide a tamed dinosaur without a saddle.
Forcetameaoe<radius>Tames all dinosaurs within a radius.
GhostEnable ghost mode.
GiveallmeatSpawns all meat types.
Givearmorset <tier><quality>Spawns set armor tier and quality.
GivebossitemsSpawns randomized boss item.
GivecolorsSpawns all colors and dye types.
GivecreativemodeEnables creative mode.
GivecreativemodetotargetEnables creative mode for targeted players.
GivecreativemodetoplayerEnables creative mode for other players via ID.
Givedinoset <tier><quantity>Spawns specific number of tamed dinos with saddles.
banplayerBans players from joining a server.
GiveengramsUnlocks all recipes.
GiveengramstekonlyUnlocks all Tek Engrams
Giveitemset<tier>Spawns all set tier items.
Giveitem<blueprintpath><quantity><quality><forceblueprint>Spawns a specific item.
saveworldSaves every setting from the game.
GIveitemnum<blueprintpath><quantity><quality><forceblueprint>Spawns a specific item.
Giveitemtoplayer<playerID><blueprintpath><quantity><quality><forceblueprint>Spawns a specific item for targeted players.
Giveitemnumtoplayer<playerID><blueprintpath><quantity><quality><forceblueprint>Spawns a specific item for chosen players via ID.
GiveresourcesSpawns resources.
Giveweaponset <tier><quality>Unlocks all weapons from the chosen set.
GmbuffEnables God Mode and 5K Points for Tek and XP.
GodEnables God mode too. You become invisible, but vulnerable to drowning or starving.
Gmsummon<type><level>Spawns a specific tamed creature.
listplayersShows every player from a server and their ID.
InfinitestatsGives infinite food, water, oxygen, and stamina.
LeavemealoneEnables God Mode.
HurtMe (amount)Inflicts you the amount of damage that you choose.
cleartutorialsTutorial messages don’t appear.
setcheatplayertrueEnables cheats for the targeted player.
setcheatplayerfalseDisables cheats for the targeted player.
settimeofday <hh:mm>Sets time you choose.
Summon <type>Summons a particular type of creature.
SetBabyAge (AgeNumber)Sets the age of the targeted baby to the desired number.
Summontamed<type>Summons a type of tamed creature.
TeleportEnables teleportation.
TeleportplayerIDtome <playerID>Teleports you to a specific player.
Teleportplayernametome <playername>Teleports specific player to you.
destroyall <type>Summons one of the tamed creatures.
KillKills the current target.
ToggleInfiniteAmmoGives infinite ammo.
Tpcoords <lat><lon><altitude>Teleports you to coordinates.
walkDisables flying.
SetFacialHairPercent (length)Sets your characters’ facial hair to the desired length.
dorestartlevelRestarts internal server.
SetGlobalPause (IsPaused)Pauses current server.

How to Open Console Command in ASA

What’s more, console command cheats are available for every platform, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. However, to activate any of the cheats for ARK Survival Ascended mentioned above, you need to open the console command. Thus, follow these steps:

  1. First, launch ARK: Survival Ascended;
  2. Then choose Settings;
  3. Click Advanced;
  4. In addition, turn Console Access “ON”;
  5. Leave the Menu;
  6. Then start the game;
  7. Lastly, press these commands during the game to open the cheats console:
    • PC: ~ (tilde)
    • Xbox: R1 + L1 + Square + Triangle
    • Playstation: RB + LB + X + Y

Finally, that’s a wrap on our guide covering all of the available cheats for Ark Survival Ascended. Follow us for more ASA hints and tips. Additionally, you can explore our other guides, news, and features down below.

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