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Matt Twinley

Matt Twinley is a freelance writer with a passion for video games and movies. He has been a writer since 2017 and an enthusiastic gamer for even longer. As soon as he unwrapped a Game Boy Color for his birthday and picked his first Pokémon, he knew it would be the start of a lifelong obsession. Matt loves nothing more than diving into other worlds to be gripped by a story, taken on an adventure, or shown the world in a unique way. He also loves finally overcoming challenges, which probably explains his passion for video games. He prefers single-player games and loves discovering hidden indie gems, although he tends to replay his old childhood favorites more often than he would care to admit. But his real passion lies in narrative-led stories that take him on a journey. When he’s not engrossed in a video game or lost in the magic of movies, he can be found outside playing with his two dogs.