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Clover Retribution Codes

Who's gonna say no to free stuff?

Updated: July 21, 2024

We added new codes!

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Hey, there are Roblox games for DBZ, Naruto, and One Piece—why not add Black Clover to that list, too? If you’re a fan of the anime and or the manga, you can be a part of that universe by playing Clover Retribution.

You’ll learn magic and even carry your own grimoire. Whether you’re new or experienced, you should also take these Clover Retribution codes!

All Working Clover Retribution Codes

This time around, Clover Retribution has a lot of free stuff you can claim in Roblox, so long as you redeem them in enough time.

  • !holyrain: 50 Magic Spins (New)
  • !gauntletseason2soon: 50 Race Spins (New)
  • !99percent: 50 Spins of All Types (New)
  • !choosemagic3: 50 Magic Spins (Only works in the Main Menu and in new servers) (Locks you out of !chooserace3 or !choosetrait3)
  • !chooserace3: 50 Race Spins (Only works in the Main Menu and in new servers) (Locks you out of !choosetrait3 or !choosemagic3)
  • !choosetrait3: 50 Trait Spins (Only works in the Main Menu and in new servers) (Locks you out of !chooserace3 or !choosemagic3)
  • !magicwonagain: 45 Trait Spins
  • !cookingsheeps: 50 Trait Spins
  • !humanoidfix: 45 of all Spins
  • !mobilefixes: 65 Magic Spins
  • !favoritecloverfix: Spins (Only works in the Main Menu)
  • !grimoiregauntlet: 50 of all Spins
  • !chibisoon: 50 of all Spins
  • !sandmagic2: 85 Race Spins
  • !sandmagic: 45 of all Spins
  • !mypcisdying: 175 Magic Spins (Only on new servers)
  • !choosemagic: 30 Race Spins (Choose only one)
  • !chooserace: 30 Race Spins
  • !choosetrait: 30 Trait Spins
  • !3000clovers: 45 Race Spins
  • !rareracepromised: Rare Race Spins
  • !thankyouagain: 50 Race Spins
  • !goodmorningretribution: 80 Magic Spins
  • !creepingshadows: Item (Must use in the first kingdom)
  • !pollcode1: 25 Magic Spins
  • !pollcode2: 25 Race Spins
  • !pollcode3: 25 Trait Spins
  • !devilupdate: 200 Trait Spins
  • !goodnightretribution: 75 Magic Spins
  • santaiscoming: 10 Spins of every type
  • 37klikes: 12 Magic Spins
  • mobilestats: Stat Reset
  • 36klikes: 120 Race Spins
  • communitycode: 120 Magic Spins
  • insomnia: 5 Magic Spins (Only on new servers)
  • 34klikes: 25 Trait Spins
  • 32klikes: 10 Spins of every type
  • update2soon: 20 Spins of every type
  • clovergoal: 30 Race Spins
  • 30klikes: 10 Spins of each type
  • cloverthanks: 12 Magic Spins
  • 28klikes: 10 Spins of each type
  • !update1: 20 Spins of each type (Only on new servers)
  • !raremagic: Magic Spin
  • !rarerace: Race Spin
  • !spiritssoon: 25 Magic Spins
  • !timestats: Stat Reset
  • !update1part1: 20 Spins of each type
  • !miniupdatelater: Free Spins (Only on new servers)
  • !14klikes: 5 Trait Spins
  • !12klikes: 5 Race Spins
  • !2millvisits: 10 Race Spins
  • !halloweenstats: 1 Stat Reset
  • !halloweenupdate: 6 Magic Spins, 6 Race Spins, and 6 Trait Spins
  • !10klikes: This code redeems for x10 Magic Spins
  • !12klikes: Use this code for x5 Race Spins
  • !14klikes: Redeem this code for x5 Trait Spins
  • !2millvisits: If you’re on a new server, this code will offer x10 Race Spins
  • !clovergroup: This code offers x10 Magic Spins to Clover Retribution Roblox group members
  • !halloweenstats: Provides a single Stat Reset
  • !halloweenupdate: Redeem for x6 Magic Spins, x6 Race Spins, and x6 Trait Spins
  • !miniupdatelater: On new servers, use this code for another x6 Magic Spins, x6 Race Spins, and x6 Trait Spins

To benefit from codes like ‘!clovergroup,’ you’ll have to join the Clover Retribution group. Anyone can do it by simply selecting ‘Join Group’. After that, relaunch the game and use the code!

All Expired Codes in Clover Retribution

As with all Roblox games, codes eventually expire and no longer provide any value. For Clover Retribution, you can’t redeem the following:

  • !3klikes
  • !4klikes
  • !5klikes
  • !6klikes
  • !cloverfixes
  • !cloverstats
  • !clover_release2
  • !clover_release
  • !quickshutdown

How to Redeem Codes In-Game

Unlike, say, A Piece, Clover Retribution uses a more archaic way of redeeming free codes. Instead of an in-game menu, you have to use the chat box.

Image Source: Roblox Corporation via Twinfinite

After you’ve opened the chat box, simply copy and paste a working code and hit enter. Just don’t forget the exclamation point at the start or else the code won’t take.

Whenever you redeem Clover Retribution codes successfully, you’ll get a confirmation across the screen, along with every reward you get. You can spend any free Spins at the main menu. For more codes guides, you’ll find links to them down below!

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