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Which Iconic Video Game Mascot Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Which icon are you?

It’s the question every gamer wants to know the answer to: which gaming character am I most like? Are you cute and fierce like Pikachu? Or are you brave and adventurous like Lara Croft? Maybe you are more like the gruff leader, Master Chief. Answer each of the questions below to see which iconic video game mascot you are!

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Quiz: Which Video Game Mascot Are You?

From Pikachu to Pac-Man, there are so many amazing icons in the video game world! Some of them became the figurehead of their games and a recognizable character in many homes. There are so many to choose from, but we have picked out ten of the most iconic video game mascots around for our quiz.

Which Iconic Video Game Mascot Are You?

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How do you keep fit?
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What do you hate the most?
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What is your best virtue?
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Choose a favorite color
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Choose a gaming platform
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Choose a gift
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What is your greatest weakness?
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Do you work better alone or in a team?
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Choose a dish
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How many friends do you have?

So, which video game mascot did you get? Did you get the answer you wanted? If not, you can always try again and see if you can find the character you love the most! Change up your answers and see who you can get.

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