What Type of Alchemist Are You? Take This Fullmetal Alchemist Personality Quiz To Find Out
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What Type of Alchemist Are You? Take This Fullmetal Alchemist Personality Quiz To Find Out

Interested to see what Alchemist you might be?

Strangely, despite the whole series focusing on alchemy, there isn’t much delving into unique alchemy in Fullmetal Alchemist. State alchemists are the biggest way we see varied techniques and usages, but there aren’t many detailed enough. However, the alchemists who grace the screen are all fun and well-crafted. For the most part, personality seems to matter just as much as alchemical ability, and the specialized characters flourish because of that.

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When the series does showcase special/outlaw alchemists, they are only in one-off episodes. There, we don’t get a deep look at their abilities. This means that while we see Isaac McDougal’s cool ice alchemy and Clara’s unusual transmutations, we don’t know much about them. The additional challenge is that series regulars who are alchemists don’t always do anything personalized. For instance, Alphonse and Izumi’s alchemy are quite similar to Edward’s.

Along that same vein, one state alchemist couldn’t be included. Despite showing up early in the series and dying to Scar, there wasn’t any way to include Basque Grand, the Iron Blood Alchemist. This is because the series doesn’t really give enough about him. Sure, you see his powers go into hyperdrive in Ishval, but that’s the only time. Sadly, the anime doesn’t ever give a solid look at his alchemic abilities.

Obviously, the results don’t include Shou Tucker. I can’t imagine any FMA fan would like to take a quiz just to find out they are the biggest trauma source in the series.

So, with that said, try your hand at our Fullmetal Alchemist quiz to see which alchemist you match up with.

What Type of Alchemist Are You? Take This Fullmetal Alchemist Personality Quiz To Find Out

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Do you want your alchemy to also directly reveal your identity?
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Do you prefer to be destructive or creative?
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Do you ever sympathize with the villain of a story?
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Are you silly or serious?
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Are you more of a lone wolf, or would you prefer to work with a partner?
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Are you good at minimizing collateral damage?

Now that you’ve gotten your result, you can try to get the rest! This isn’t our only FMA quiz, either. If you think you have what it takes, take a shot at the hardest Fullmetal Alchemist quiz you’ll ever take.

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