Image Source: Bethesda Games
Image Source: Bethesda Games

The Ultimate Fallout Trivia Quiz

Are you S.P.E.C.I.A.L enough to beat our Fallout quiz?

Do you think you have what it takes to beat our ultimate Fallout trivia quiz? Are your Intelligence and Luck stats high enough to answer each of the tough 30 questions correctly? Take the ultimate Fallout trivia quiz below to test what you know!

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The Ultimate Fallout Quiz

The quiz below has 30 questions covering almost every main Fallout game out right now from Fallout 1 to Fallout 76 and even Fallout Shelter. Some questions are pretty simple while others are a bit more obscure! Can you answer each one correctly using the Fallout knowledge you have gained over the years? Let’s find out!

The Ultimate Fallout Trivia Quiz

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When did the Great War begin?
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What project name did the government give the Vault Project?
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According the Vree, why did Unity fail?
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What is the starting location for Fallout 2?
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In Fallout 2, what number is seen on the back of your vault suit?
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In Fallout 2, who is the trader you find in Klamath who will tell you of the scared vault?
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In Fallout 2, what are the names of the weird kids of the butcher in Modoc?
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In Fallout 3, which actor did the voiceover for James?
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In Fallout 3, what was the name of the first settlement you went to?
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In Fallout 3, which radio station did DJ Three Dog work at?
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In Fallout 3, what did James get turned into in the vault 112 simluation?
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What is the name of the family's robot in Fallout 4?
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What is your canine companion called in Fallout 4?
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Who is the leader of the Minutemen in Fallout 4?
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In Fallout 4, what is Piper's job in Diamond City?
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In Fallout New Vegas, who shot you in the head in a graveyard?
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How much is the credit check at the gate of the New Vegas Strip?
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In Fallout New Vegas, which is the strongest gun?
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In Fallout New Vegas, which follower do you find at the Mormmon fort in Freeside?
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In Fallout New Vegas, a ghoul can be found atop Black Mountain. What is his name?
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What item was newly introduced in Fallout 76?
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In Fallout 76, which perk allows you to revive a friend with alcohol?
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How much wood does it take to build one wall in Fallout 76?
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In Fallout 76, what hat are you give to wear in the vault?
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What era of music is played on the radio?
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In Fallout Shelter, you play as the...
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In Fallout Shelter, where do Dwellers make babies?
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True or False: In Fallout Shelter, you can equip Dwellers with weapons?
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What is the max vault capacity in Fallout Shelter?
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How many floors are there in Fallout Shelter?

What score did you get in our Ultimate Fallout Trivia? Did you surprise yourself with the amount of Fallout info stored in your brain? If you think you made a few mistakes then click Play Again and see if you can up your score. Don’t forget to share with your friends and compare results.

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