Think You Know Pokemon? Here Is the Hardest Shiny Quiz Ever

All that glitters is shiny Pokemon.

Most Pokemon fans are familiar with some of the noticeably different shiny Pokemon like Charizard, Ponyta, and Rayquaza. However, another group of Pokemon out there look so marginally different that it can be nearly impossible to differentiate a shiny from the original. Only the most keen-eyed shiny hunters will be able to pass the hardest shiny Pokemon quiz ever.

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Here’s the way this quiz will work. It’s actually quite simple. Each question will feature a picture of a Pokemon. All you need to do is tell us if it’s the shiny or the original version of that Pokemon species. While the premise is simple, the quiz itself is going to challenge your knowledge of what shiny Pokemon look like.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the other fantastic quizzes we have here on Twinfinite once you’re done with this one. Additionally, remember to share your results in the comments below and on social media so you can gloat to your friends about a perfect score. Even some of the most experienced Pokemon players will likely not do well on this test, so don’t be afraid to dust yourself and come back again to improve your score.

Now it’s time for the main event. Pull out your shiny charms and get ready to use the Masuda method because it’s time to go shiny hunting. Good luck, and go for a perfect score on the hardest shiny Pokemon quiz ever.

shiny pokemon quiz

All images via Serebii (unless indicated otherwise) and belong to Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

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