The Hardest One Piece Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take
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The Hardest One Piece Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Only those who know the world's history can enjoy true freedom.

One Piece is a juggernaut of the anime and manga industry, holding strong as the best selling manga series of all time. It had a plethora of films, games and other media bolstering its popularity, and it has maintained an army of loyal and devoted fans during its two decades of popularity.

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Many of these fans have an almost insane knowledge of the series, and have taken note of even the most minute of details.

You may be one such fan, capable of reciting random facts about the series from memory. However, we’re here to put your knowledge to the ultimate test with the hardest One Piece quiz you’ll ever take; or at least, the hardest one covering material from the first thousand chapters.

Now, without further ado, let the ultimate test of your fandom begin!

The Hardest One Piece Quiz You'll Ever Take

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Which of the following arcs are anime-only filler?
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What was the name of Jinbe’s former captain while he was a member of the Sun Pirates?
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How many different full-length swords has Zoro canonically wielded as of chapter 1,000?
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Which is not an attack Luffy has used at some point in the manga?
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How many times was Whitebeard shot with bullets during the Paramount War arc?
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Which is the correct ordering of the Straw Hats’ bounties from highest to lowest as of the start of the Wano arc?
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Of the One Piece movie villains, which did not have a Devil Fruit power?
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How many times has Red Haired Shanks appeared in the manga as of chapter 1,000?
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Which T.V. special shows how Luffy learned the Red Hawk technique?
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How did Jaguar D. Saul, the giant Robin met as a child, laugh?
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What Sea does Sanji originally come from?
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How many years passed between Brook’s crew being wiped out and his joining the Straw Hat Pirates?
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How did Noland the Liar and the Shandoran warrior Calgara become friends in the Skypeia flashback?
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Following the time skip, which Straw Hat was the first to reach the Thousand Sunny?
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As of the wano arc, which of these characters has not been confirmed to be dead?
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Which of these characters was or is a member of the Marines?
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During the Reverie arc, which character was not shown in the mysterious king’s photos?
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How many warlords, former or current, has Luffy defeated by the Wano arc?
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Which arc contained the first instance of Haki?
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Across all of One Pieces manga, Movies and anime, which of Luffy's friends and family have said he'll be King of the Pirates?
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What was the name of the mushroom Uta consumed to stay awake until she died?
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Which is not an original character that appears in One Piece: World Seeker or One Piece Odyssey?
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As of Chapter 1072's release, how many members of the Rocks Pirates have been seen alive in the manga, anime, or films?
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Which member of the Worst Generation was the third to last to be encountered by the Straw Hats post-time skip?
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Which movie villain is still canonically alive?
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