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Are You a True Resident Evil Fan? Answer These Trivia Questions to Find Out

If you’re a fan of horror games then there is no doubt that you have played Resident Evil. The franchise has spanned decades and has become one of the most successful games series of all time. First created by Capcom back and released in 1996, Resident Evil was an instant hit.

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It was initially supposed to be a reboot for the Japanese game, Sweet Home, which was also based on a horror movie of the same name. Resident Evil was originally made by Shinji Makami and Tokuro Fujiwara with Makami often working on the game in his free time before presenting it to Capcom.

Capcom was impressed by the game and thought that with the introduction of 3D gaming that the PlayStation had brought, that a horror game would thrive on the system, and oh boy were they right. Many of the developers of the original game were cited as saying that development was very hectic and that all the testing and debugging of the game was done in-house.

The original game coined the genre “Survival Horror” and has been an inspiration for plenty of other horror games since. Mikami said that he wanted the feeling of killing zombies and fighting for your life to feel new to players.

Resident Evil 4

The series went on to much financial and critical acclaim, with some games in the series being praised as the greatest of all time. An early build of Resident Evil 4 also went on to become what is known as Devil May Cry, another hit from Capcom, with the newest game, Devil May Cry 5, becoming the best selling game in its franchise. With Resident Evil 3 Remake coming out on April 3, the series is still going stronger than ever.

Resident Evil Fans Should Know the Answers to These Trivia Questions

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What year did the first Resident Evil game start development?
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Certain aspects of the Spencer Mansion were heavily inspired by which famous horror movie? (Things like wallpaper are identical in both the game and the movie)
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At E3 2003, the first trailer for Resident Evil 4 was released. That version of the game was eventually scraped for what RE4 is known as today. What is that first version of the game known as?
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What female character that stared in a Resident Evil 2 spin-off on the PS2, is referenced by having her name on a plaque on a desk in RE2 Remake?
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Fan favorite Barry Burton is one of the main protagonists of Resident Evil Revelations 2, but what other RE game is he also a protagonist in?
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What is the name of the theme song for Resident Evil 7?
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What company is responsible for the Type 2 Plagas outbreak in Resident Evil 5?
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What is the name of the famous chain of gas stations that appear in the Resident Evil franchise?
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In the cemetery behind the Spencer Mansion, each tombstone has one word that phonetically translate to what English word?
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What Resident Evil game has its title misspelled on its box art?
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In Resident Evil 3, if you don't pick up an ammo drop before you get to the police station, who is the secret zombie that appears outside the station?
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In Resident Evil 0, what does Billy Coen's tattoo say?
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What year was Leon Kennedy born?

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