N, Solana, and Zinnia from Pokemon
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10 Captivating Pokemon Game Characters We Want to See Make a Comeback in Future Games

Bring them back!

The Pokemon games have had some fascinating characters over the years. However, many of these individuals are often forgotten or overshadowed by the main protagonist and rivals. We’ve rounded up ten of the most intriguing and lovable Pokemon characters who deserve to make a comeback in future games, revisiting what makes them so special and where they could go next.

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Zinnia from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Having made her debut in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Zinnia is a character that deserves so much more attention. Not only is her design near flawless, but she also came with one hell of a battle theme to get you truly pumped. Zinnia was the starring character within ORAS’ post-game Delta Episode, which created much intrigue towards her character and story; and who could forget her beloved partner Pokemon? This girl had ‘Mons of both the small and cute variation with her Whismur, Aster, as well as powerful and menacing with her Mega Salamence.

It’s been nine years since Zinnia made her appearance, and she’s yet to show up in a mainline Pokemon game since. For someone who had ties to Mega Evolution and the secrets of the Legendary Rayquaza, this is highly disappointing. It would be great to see Zinnia return to future Pokemon titles, perhaps to research mysteries regarding a new powerful, Legendary, or Mythical Dragon Type. Bring her back, bring back her theme, and let her thrive; please, Game Freak, all I want is a Zinnia Rematch outside of Hoenn.


Silver from Pokemon
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If there’s a Pokemon rival who stands out from others, it’s certainly Silver. This guy made an unfavorable first impression by stealing a Pokemon from Elm’s Lab and barging into you with some pretty harsh words. Despite his mysterious allure, the most interesting thing about Silver is the fact that he is Giovanni’s son, which explains his behavior in the earlier stages of the game.

However, as you progress through the story, Silver learns from his defeat, changes his views on Pokemon, and even gains the courage to stand up to his father. By the end of the game, Silver is on a mission to establish genuine connections with his team and become a truly great Trainer, the right way. For that reason alone, Silver is long overdue for another game appearance; we all want to see his transformation into the Trainer he wanted to be.


Lance from Pokemon
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Who could forget the iconic Champion Lance? After all, this guy comes equipped with three Dragonite on his team! Aside from being one of the most badass Dragon Type Trainers in existence, Lance also holds the title of Elite Four and Champion, proving his power is no joke. Lance also has a very interesting background with his relation to Gym Leader Clair and the clan of Dragon Masters, and it would truly be incredible to see this explored more if he were to make a return to a future Pokemon title. Bring him back, Game Freak! Nobody would complain.


N from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

N is certainly one of the most mysterious Trainers who has ever made an appearance in the series. Not only does N have the fascinating ability to understand Pokemon speech due to his upbringing, but he also has a mysterious link to the Illusion Fox Pokemon, Zoroark, which makes him even more of an enigma. N just so happens to be a fan-favorite Pokemon character, and people have been eager to see him make even more appearances due to his interesting background and storyline in the B/W and B2/W2 games.

I mean, come on, this guy has a Legendary Pokemon by his side, there’s plenty of opportunity to have him make a surprise comeback in a new Region, putting a stop to more plans of those who aim to divide people from Pokemon.


Guzma from Pokemon
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It’s ya boi Guzma! I struggle to think of another Team Leader who managed to draw me in from the very first encounter, such as Guzma managed to do. Perhaps it’s the amusing fact that his Team Skull are nothing more than rebels and hooligans just doing their best to be bad guys, or the fact that Guzma turns out to not be that bad at all, and instead rather misunderstood and misguided.

Guzma’s story and change of heart were quite fascinating to watch unfold, as he just wanted to be a genuinely respected Trainer. I say bring him back after having completed that goal, giving Guzma and his beloved Wimsipod a moment to shine; it’s what he truly deserves to round out his redemption ark.


Bede from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Bede is a very interesting character whose story still feels somewhat unfinished. Starting as one of your rivals in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Bede was a Trainer who utilized Psychic-type Pokemon by choice. However, at about the halfway mark of the game, his potential was noticed by Fairy Type Gym Leader, Opal. Next thing you know, Bede’s throwing on a Gym Leader outfit, switching his team up to Fairy Types, and stepping into the role of new Gym Leader.

This was a cool little story ark for him, but felt rather sudden and rushed, with the way he just tossed his old team aside. Most importantly, I want to know about Bede’s challenges adjusting to his new role and the struggles he’s had to overcome, as well as his progression into a powerful Gym Leader for opposing Trainers to face off against. I’d love Bede to make a comeback in future titles, perhaps stepping out of Galar for a mission to help a new young Gym Leader settle into their role, or investigate a mysterious new phenomenon, much like the Steven Stone of Fairy Types.


Solana from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Solana is one of the two playable characters in the Pokemon Ranger game, and one of the first characters who introduced that wild Pokemon could be tamed and utilized for helpful scenarios other than battling. With games such as Scarlet & Violet taking a much more open-world approach, it would be fascinating to see some new mechanics developed, such as temporarily taming Pokemon to assist you in clearing obstacles, solving puzzles, and unlocking new paths.

Nobody would be better than Solana when it comes to introducing players to how to tame Pokemon for these scenarios. This would be an amazing and nostalgic appearance for many players who grew up with the DS era of games and spent time playing the Pokemon Ranger spin-off, and given a chance to develop her character even further, with her adorable partner Pokemon, Plusle, by her side, of course.

Gladion & Lillie

Gladion and Lillie from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

There’s nothing quite like a classic sibling bond in video games, and Gladion and Lillie are no exception here. These two have shared anything but the cliche sibling love during their adventures, with Gladion abandoning Lillie, and running away without a trace. However, by the end of the game narrative, Gladion has shown to feel remorse for his actions and revealed that he does indeed care deeply for his sister, having left not only to escape their mother but to train so he could get stronger to protect his family.

The story concludes with Gladiona and Lillie having patched up their relationship, and moving forward in life. However, it would be incredibly satisfying to see these two make a return, with a bond stronger than we’ve ever seen. Just imagine how satisfying and entertaining it would be to go up against these two in a friendly double battle.


Wes from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Wes is certainly an intriguing (and often overlooked) individual, starring as the protagonist of the spin-off title, Pokemon Colosseum. While Wes has an extremely mysterious past that is never completely explained in-game, this could work in favor of bringing him back in a future title.

Bringing Wes back could feature an explanation of this vague past, or even explore where he goes next following Colosseum, as his future whereabouts are never disclosed. Besides, he has the coolest partner Poekmon in the world, wielding Umbreon and Espeon as a powerful night and day duo. Who wouldn’t want to see this team in action?

Ball Guy

Ball Guy from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

C’mon, who doesn’t love the goofy and unexpected addition of Ball Guy? This guy is pretty much a living breathing gacha machine, giving you a gift of various Pokeballs each time you visit a Gym in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Galar Region. Ball Guy was such a fun little mechanic, and I genuinely looked forward to finding out which Pokeball I’d be getting as a freebie every time I headed into a Gym. If there’s one thing I miss from Galar’s Gym system, it’s Ball Guy.

It’s an absolute crime that this funny little fella has yet to return in the following titles. He’s like the perfect little meme character to keep things light and entertaining – I mean, just look at that wacky Pokeball face mask. How is it so hilarious and so cursed at the same time? Ball guy. That’s how.

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