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How to Quickly Access the Vault from Anywhere in Destiny 2 Without the Companion App

On-demand stash, no microtransactions required.

When all is said and done, Destiny 2 is a game about collecting lots of weapons and armor of wildly varying kinds. It’s just a shame that until recently, accessing your stash (the vault) was more cumbersome than it should be. So, here is how you can access the vault from anywhere in Destiny 2 without the companion app.

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Accessing the Vault in Destiny 2 Without the Companion App

For the longest time, you would either need to use the official Destiny 2 companion app or visit the tower in person to access your vault. Neither is particularly quick or efficient and can easily disrupt the flow of gameplay if the only reason you’re visiting the tower or making your fire team wait is that you need to move some gear around.

Thankfully, for those who want to play Destiny 2 these days, if you return to orbit you can easily access your vault from there. Ironically, the new Into The Light update has given Guardians a new social space called the Hall of Champions. But wouldn’t you know it, the Hall of Champions is not only devoid of a postmaster but also doesn’t have a vault—even though it’s technically connected to the tower which does. This is something I certainly found frustrating.

There is an easy solution to this that many may not know. Sure, you can access the vault if you’re in orbit, but you can also technically access the vault no matter where you are or what you’re doing. This can be done by selecting a new activity from the director. Once you do that, you’ll discover that the button to open the vault from that screen is visible and also fully works! This lets you access the vault in its entirety even mid-raid—as long as your inventories aren’t locked.

The only other caveat to this hidden function is that you need to be the host to pick a new destination. Thankfully, if you’re playing solo, that caveat won’t be of any concern to you.

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