Team Handshake Wins the Splatoon 3 ‘Greetings’ Splatfest

One Splatfest team had a firm grip on success.

splatoon 3 greetings splatfest
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The results of the latest Splatoon 3 Splatfest are officially in. Players competed all weekend long to determine which greeting is the most superior: handshake, fistbump, or hug. Team Handshake was declared the winner after 48 hours of Turf War matches.

The five categories that decided the winner of the Splatfest were a sneak peak round, popularity, open battles, pro battles, and tricolor battles.

Team Handshake won just two of those five categories, but it was enough points to come out on top. The final score of the Splatfest was 30-27-0. Here is a full breakdown of each category and how many points each team was awarded:

  • Sneak Peak – Fistbump (7 points)
  • Popularity – Fistbump (8 points)
  • Open Battles – Fistbump (12 points)
  • Pro Battles – Handshake (12 points)
  • Tricolor Battles – Handshake (18 points)

The Splatfest started on Friday evening and lasted the entire weekend through Sunday evening. After the first half ended on Saturday night, Team Fistbump was the leading team, and Tricolor matches began. The Tricolor Turf War stage for this Splatfest was Manta Maria.

This was the eleventh official Splatoon 3 Splatfest since the game released over a year ago in September 2022. Last month, the Splatoween Splatfest took place. In this Splatfest, Team Ghost beat both Team Zombie and Team Skeleton.

Each of the Splatfest participants will receive a number of?Super Sea Snails?depending on the rank they reached. These snails add sub ability slots on gear and reroll gear abilities. The higher rank you earned while battling during the Splatfest the more Super Sea Snails you’ll receive, with Team Handshake participants earning a bonus number.

This Splatfest was the first in Splatoon 3 to differ depending on which region of the world players reside. Players in Japan had a totally different Splatfest theme. Their theme this time was to determine which name to call a popular dessert: Kaiten-yaki, Oban-yaki, or Imagawa-yaki.

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