Risk of Rain 2 Anniversary Update Launches on Consoles Today

Risk of Rain 2 Anniversary Update

It’s been a long three month wait since the PC version of Risk of Rain 2 received the Anniversary Update, but today is finally the day for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. There is no word on when the Anniversary Update will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The update is live as of now when we checked, so you should be able to download it soon if it isn’t life for you yet.

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Among other usual changes and new additions of the game, the standout of the Anniversary Update is the inclusion of a new character, the Bandit. This is another returning character from the first Risk of Rain, but has been reworked to better fit with the mechanics of the sequel.

For anyone who is just now picking up the game, the Huntress character that used to be locked behind a challenge is now available from the start. This is good news for players wanting to unlock the Bandit right away, as he takes her place as the reward for that particular challenge. No spoilers here.

Assuming all of the Anniversary Update patch notes will be the exact same, (which they should be, none of the notes directly call out anything that could be considered PC only) they can be found on the Steam page.

Aside from the Bandit, new items in an update like this are nice in that they give new reasons to run through the game even if you have already said and done everything. This time around you can look forward to:

  • Added 5 New Items
    • New Lunar Item: Hooks of Heresy
    • New Lunar Item: Essence of Heresy
    • New Boss Item: Empathy Cores
    • New Boss Item: Charged Perforator
    • New Boss Item: Planula

There are a ton of fixes and nerfs/buffs in the Anniversary Update to parse through in the patch notes, so be sure to give those a look if you are interested. Plus, you can inspect the patch notes right on your console if you play it on PlayStation. However, they don’t give the same the came comprehensive rundown that the Steam page does.

Are you going to start the Anniversary Update today? How much Risk of Rain 2 have you played? Let us know in the comments!

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