GTA 6 Fans Are Already Speculating on What Apps the Phone Will Have
Image Source: Rockstar Games via Twinfinite

Players Are Speculating on What the GTA 6 Phone Apps Will Be

Will the GTA 6 phone apps be more focused around form or function?

Even though GTA 6 feels far away, excited players are already throwing out ideas for in-game features, like the phone. The GTA 6 phone apps will certainly be an improvement from GTA 5, but Redditors already have plenty of input to contribute.

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Image Source: Rockstar Games via Twinfinite

Given GTA 5’s release in 2013, phones in the real world have changed drastically, so that should come across in-game. The phones in GTA 4 and GTA 5 corresponded with their setting, so the trend should continue with GTA 6.

A post by MikkoBoe on the r/GTA6 Subreddit simply asked, “What apps do you think the phone in GTA 6 will feature?” The replies to the post ranged anywhere from helpful to hysterical, with plenty of wise suggestions from excited Redditors.

The posters agree that TikTok should be on GTA 6’s phone, but the name is still up in the air. They suggested things like TicTak with a suggestive logo or DikDok, so Rockstar has high expectations to meet.

They also agreed that the GTA 6 phone needs a music app like Spotify to control the soundtrack from anywhere. This includes being on foot, so you don’t have to be in a car for some tunes. Watch Dogs 2 did the same thing, so fans know that the feature can be implemented.

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Image Source: Rockstar Games via Twinfinite

Some users suggested a food delivery app like DoorDash, which could be a way to access health on the fly. Others said that GTA 6 could incorporate Amazon or the dark web to have other items delivered, like ammo or armor.

Now that taxis have been widely replaced by Uber, a rideshare app like Uber was another pick by user mexicantruffle. As something else that came after GTA 5’s launch, user partyonpartypeople said cryptocurrency should be in the mix as a way to boost your income. Along with that, Competitive-Ad-2727 suggested that online gambling would be interesting to see executed in GTA 6.

A couple of Redditors suggested a version of Tinder for finding virtual love, or something a little more short-term. AlexGlezS said Rockstar should add playable versions of GTA 1 and 2, in case the story isn’t long enough.

With so many community suggestions for potential GTA 6 phone apps, it’s a waiting game to see if Rockstar listens. They certainly can’t claim that they didn’t have enough creative input, although the licensing deals are up to them.

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