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Hades 2 Players Speculate On What The Sixth Weapon Could Be

Melinoe will kick your arsenal

Hades 2 is officially in early access, and we already know that the full release will introduce new features. This has, of course, led to some speculation, including on the sixth weapon. Fans on the Hades 2 subreddit have been deep in conversation, coming up with new ways to slay enemies across action-packed runs.

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What Will The Next Hades 2 Weapon Be? These Fans Have Some Ideas

On Reddit, users are speculating on what the new weapon could be, and have come up with some interesting theories.

The most in-depth theory comes from user GrizzlyT80, who suggests that a whip would fit into Melinoe’s skillset, and further differentiate her from her brother Zagreus.

In short, Zagreus’s weapons throughout are largely more martial and conventional. Melinoe’s existing weapons so far are lighter and often more unusual, such as a skull or a torch. Each of Melinoe’s weapons also fits a specific niche, which the user thinks a whip could fill.

The whip would also pay homage to Hades character Meg, who utilized the weapon in combat.

However, other users, such as _Laharl, have pointed out that a whip could potentially fill the same range as Melinoe’s staff.

Melinoe speaking in Hades 2.
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Other suggestions include another magical weapon like Melinoe’s skull and wands. Among these, Oreo-and-Fly’s suggestion of a lyre stands out. The lyre has a special place in Greek mythology, being the symbol of the legendary bard Orpheus. Notably, Orpheus was one of only a handful of Greek heroes to visit the Underworld, with his music even having power over Hades himself. A lyre could therefore be used for pure offense, or otherwise rely on charming enemies.

Finally, user thanexitium suggests a Chakram as a weapon. This bladed ring is traditionally a throwing weapon, and was notably the weapon of choice of Xena, one of pop-culture’s most iconic heroines who was herself Greek. A chakram would not only offer a variety of different options for Supergiant Games to pick from, it would pay homage to one of fiction’s most iconic warrior women.

Another option, albeit one that isn’t on Reddit, is an animal companion of some kind. Greek myth is filled with a variety of dangerous creatures of all shapes and sizes, ranging from familiar beasts such as deer and lions to the likes of hydras or chimeras. While an animal companion would be an unusual choice, it would fit Melinoe’s animal-loving nature.

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