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F1 Manager 2024 Finally Adds Create-a-Team

The chequered flag is on the horizon.

F1 fans rejoice! Frontier Dev has finally announced the?release date for F1 Manager 2024 and all the new upcoming features. Let’s take a look at all the latest stuff you’ll have to micro-manage on your team, and I mean YOUR team.?You’ll see what I’m talking about, so let’s?just?dive straight in.

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F1 Manager 2024 Has a Release Date

F1 Manager 2024 is set to release on July 23rd, right after Hungaroring. It’ll be available for PC via Steam & Epic, PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

New Features in F1 Manager 2024

Create a Team

Create a Team is by far my favorite new feature in F1 Manager 24. The livery and logo creation systems are really detailed, and you can also design your?own?uniforms. Also, there is a lot of strategy involved in how you allocate your initial resources, facilities, staff, etc., which can make your run either easy or ultra-hard early on.

Sponsorship Management

Sponsors management menu in F1 Manager 2024
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Another new thing you’ll have to tinker with is sponsors.?Finding them?isn’t hard, but appeasing and squeezing money out of them is.?You’ll have to carefully pick which ones to work with and which bonuses to focus on. For example, if you have weak cars and inexperienced drivers, sending them out to earn money via sponsors can earn you big bucks for upgrades. I mean, that’s 100x times better than investing everything into them and them still placing last.

Mentality System

Mentality is another thing that will hugely impact how your drivers and staff perform in F1 Manager 2024. To make them happier, you’ll have to build up their confidence, provide them with a good car, give them opportunities to win, provide proper facilities, and more. If you fail to do so, they might even leave! Let’s just hope they’ll be leaving other teams for you and not the other way around.

Affiliate Drivers

Affiliate driver management menu in F1 Manager 2024
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Next, we’ve got affiliate drivers. This new F1 Manager 2024 feature will allow you to employ prospects, who you can then develop and add to your F1 team. You’ll be able to use them for practice so they gain experience, and you’ll also have to manage their other facets, like mentality. If you’re starting as a small team, developing these drivers will be your main goal in the first few seasons.

Mechanical Failures

Mechanical failure pop up in F1 Manager 2024
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Moving onto races, you’ll now have to deal with not only developing parts but also managing their condition. Depending on their wear, they’ll have a chance of breaking mid-race, forcing you to replace them or even retire the cars. You’ll have ways of mitigating their wear by lowering the aggressiveness of your drivers or instructing them to avoid dangerous curbs or driving in dirty air.

New Cameras

Also, we’ll see an upgraded camera system, which should make the whole managing role more immersive. The graphics have seen minor upgrades as well, especially with tracks that didn’t feature as much detail before.

Race Simulation

Another quality-of-life change in F1 Manager 2024 is the ability to simulate different sessions. This will let you skip certain parts that you don’t want to manage and progress much faster. However, if you want to take it slow and experience everything this game has to offer, you might want to put off using it for later.

Evolved Team AI

Driver scouting in F1 Manager 2024
Image Source: Frontier Dev

Lastly, the AI has seen major improvements as well. Now, they’ll try to steal your best players and staff, especially if their discontent is high. Their race strategies seem to have evolved as well, so be ready for a challenge right off the bat.

Well, that is all we have regarding the F1 Manager 2024 release date and new features announcement. For more game reviews, guides, and tips, be sure to follow Twinfinite.

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