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April Fools Game Mode Coming to Dead By Daylight

It's no joke!

The devs at Behaviour Interactive are getting into the April Fools’ spirit by introducing a temporary game modifier. The new game mode will last only a few days and has some very specific limitations… Read on to find out about the April Fools game mode coming to Dead By Daylight.

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How to Play the New Dead By Daylight Game Mode

According to trusted Dead By Daylight leaker Ruthless Leaks on X, a brand new game modifier will arrive in DBD on April 1st. After the success of the Lights Out game mode back in February, Behaviour Interactive have decided to introduce a very temporary game mode in time for April Fools Day on April 1st 2024.

Dead By Daylight my little oni gen
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

The mode is named My Little Oni and dropped at 9:30am ET in a patch update. This strangle little modifier has some interesting rules! Killers will have the option of playing The Oni, a rage-filled demonic Killer who absorbs the blood of injured Survivors. Survivors can choose to play as any of the Dead By Daylight Survivors. There will be no perks and no items allowed, and no cosmetics. Only two maps will be available to play on: Wreckers Yard and Rotten Fields.

Survivors must complete objectives as usual but they must do so as tiny versions of their characters. The Oni, meanwhile, is absolutely huge. All Survivors are on death hook and once they are downed they can be literally stomped by The Oni, so no hooking is required.

Just like Lights Out, this new game mode will be a separate game queue in the lobby and will offer 50% bonus Bloodpoints. Players will also be rewarded with an exclusive Dead By Daylight Player’s Badge after trying the new game mode. The exit gates open automatically when the Oni closes the hatch or when Survivors complete the gens.

The game modifier arrives on April 1st and leaks suggest it will last only a few days. We hope this is going to set a new trend for regular game modifiers dropping randomly into Dead By Daylight! As most OG players know, the game could certainly do with some freshening up now and again.

If you are looking forward to playing this April Fools’ game modifier, see what other game modes we think should be in Dead By Daylight!

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