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What Is The Sims 4 Growing Together Release Time? Answered

Get ready for even more family fun with the latest EP!

Just two days after the release of the Sims 4 base game update that introduced the new Infants life stage, EA will drop the first expansion pack of 2023 – the Growing Together EP. The eagerly anticipated Infants update laid the groundwork for the expansion’s many additional gameplay options, teasing some of what Simmers can expect from Growing Together. With all the hype, you’re probably curious when the Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion will release. Keep reading to find out!

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When Is The Sims 4 Growing Together Coming Out?

The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion pack will release on PC, Mac, and consoles on March 16 at 10 AM PT. For those of you in the Eastern time zone of the United States, that’s 1 PM ET, and 5 PM GMT for Simmers in the UK.

The Growing Together EP adds a wealth of new gameplay mechanics, such as family milestones, keepsake boxes, and more. While the base game apparently has a memory system built in, many long-term Simmers still don’t know it exists. The latest expansion pack will add meaningful memories and personal experiences like learning to crawl, getting married, and even having embarrassing public accidents.

A Behind the Sims Summit live stream demoed nearly two hours of Growing Together gameplay, generating tons of hype for the already hotly-awaited EP. New features, interactions, and exciting Build/Buy Mode objects like the all-new treehouse are expected to massively revamp the Sims 4.

Excited Simmers can pre-order Growing Together on Playstation and Xbox, the EA App, and Steam. As an early bird incentive, EA is offering a special collection of outdoor items to all players who order the new EP before April 27, 2023.

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