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Roblox The Classic Event Start Time Countdown

It's a throwback!

For those who have been playing games on the Roblox platform for decades, there’s nothing like a dose of nostalgia. As such, the promise of the Roblox The Classic event is no doubt bound to get players excited. If you’ve seen the cryptic social media posts but want to know more, including when the event itself takes place, keep on reading.

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Roblox The Classic Event Start Time Countdown

The Roblox Classic event starts on May 23, 2024. There is not a confirmed start time just yet, so we’ve set the timer to midnight ET, though will update it as we learn more.

The Roblox Classic event is underway!

The event was first teased on May 14, 2024 with a post from the official Roblox X page. It showed some old-school iconography of years past, including the former Roblox R logo, which many long-term players will hold a lot of nostalgia for.

What Is the Roblox Classic Event?

Roblox has yet to confirm all of the key details, but the Roblox Classic event is an entire overhaul of selected experiences on the platform. For titles supporting the event, they will incorporate old-fashioned assets, visuals, and sound effects.

In a sense, this makes it very similar to the Fortnite OG season that took place in late 2023. Transported over to Roblox, it means you can explore all of the same experience you know and love, but with the visuals of a bygone era.

What remains unclear is whether or not you can get extra freebies to retain, in the spirit of games like Train For UGC. Fans would no doubt adore the chance to get free accessories and wardrobe items harkening back to Roblox’s early years. That said, we can’t say for sure yet.

That’s all for our countdown! As soon as we learn more about the Roblox Classic event, we’ll update our guide. Until then, feel free to check out the Type Soul Trello link and Anime Crossover Defense wiki link. For codes, redeem Zero to Hero Pixel Saga codes and Type Soul codes.

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