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Reverse 1999 Version 1.6 Patch Notes

Driving forward into the new patch

Reverse 1999 has been out for almost half a year now, which means it’s time for version 1.6. This newest version brings a host of new content to the game, including new characters and new skins. Here’s everything that’s coming as announced in the Reverse 1999 version 1.6 patch notes.

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Reverse 1999 Version 1.6 Patch Notes – All New Features & Changes

New Characters, Events, & Psychubes

Version 1.6 comes with three new characters.

  • 6-star [Jiu Niangzi (Mineral)]
  • 6-star [Getian (Beast)]
  • 5-star [Yenisei(Star)]

Version 1.6 also comes with a variety of new events.

  • [Notes on Shuori] Main Event
  • [Decatone · Till the Last Drop]
  • [Treasures in the Ancient City I]
  • [Treasures in the Ancient City II]
  • [The Lost Dream]
  • [Gift of Shuori]
  • [Luster of Lights]
  • [Furnace Store]
  • [Jiu Niangzi · Light to the Tavern]
  • [Getian · Flowing in the Wind]
  • [Echoes in the Mountain]
  • [The Three Doors: The History of the Gears]
  • [Mane’s Bulletin]
  • [Anecdote]
  • [UTTU Flash Gathering: The Story of a Besieged Town]
  • [The Theft of the Rimet Cup] Time-Limited Rerun
  • [Andante of Music and Sound]

Additionally, the update comes with a variety of new Psychubes, which can be exchanged during events.

  • 6-star Psychube [Outside the City]: Can be exchanged in [A Spring Fair] when it’s open.
  • 6-star Psychube [Same Old Story]: Can be exchanged in [Psychube Shop] after 2024-06-20 05:00  (UTC-5).
  • 5-star Psychube [Tea Break]: Can be exchanged during the [Anecdote] event.
  • 5-star Psychube [A New Leaf]: Can be exchanged during the [Anecdote] event.
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Image Source: Blue Epoch

New Cosmetics

The update comes with a number of new cosmetics.

  • A Knight – [Galloping Across Time]
  • Druvis III – [Lady With Nao’E]
  • An-an Lee – [Between Clouds and Pine Trees]
  • Зима – [A Day in the Mountains]
  • Balloon Party – [Folk Song of the Silver Butterfly]
  • New voice lines, L2D postures, Udimos, and arcane skill animations for [Galloping Across Time] and [Lady With Nao’E]

Version 1.6 also comes with a new Theme Pack for Wilderness ([A New Day in Old Town]) and new items in the Teller Machine.

  • [A Good Year’s Harvest]
  • [A Summer Harvest]
  • [Gift from the Silver Cup]
  • [Gift from the Sprout]
  • [Rich Lands I]
  • [Rich Lands II]
  • [Collection of Thoughts]
  • [Gifts on Shuori]
  • [Half-Year Anniversary Bundle]
  • [Half-Year Anniversary Sale]
  • [Half-Year Anniversary Offer]


  • Psychube Dissociation is now available. Use this feature to get [Fleeting Memory], which provides a small amount of EXP when engraving Psychubes.
  • Friend Recommendations is now available. You can check it in [Friends – Add].
  • Optimized the map in The Three Doors and added icons.
  • Adjusted the conditions of [Your Long-Lost Friends]. New conditions:
  • (1). Complete the main story [In Our Time].
  • (2). Log in to the game after the update, and the last login must be 14 days ago or earlier.
  • (3). Have spent 30 days without logging in to the game since the last day of the previous [Your Long-Lost Friends] event.
  • Added [The Beginner’s Gift Set] page, where new players can collect rewards from previous mail [Official Launch Gift (1/2)], [Official Launch Gift (2/2)], and [Penfriend’s Gift].


  • Added a feature that allows you to share your Wilderness layout with fellow Timekeepers.
  • Islands can now be unconnected to the Paleohall.
  • Added lighting and shadow effects.
  • Added nighttime effects to [Encounter the Wild], [Where Fog Remains], and [Forest of Silence] theme packs.

Fixed Issues

On top of everything else, Blue Epoch has unveiled a number of new optimizations and bug fixes for the game.

  • Fixed the issue where some characters may not display properly.
  • Fixed the issue where players cannot dodge Genesis DMG dealt by allies.
  • Fixed the issue where own [Guardian Spirit]’s Flash of Genius cannot function properly in Story Mode 4TH-16.
  • Fixed the issue where there is a chance of causing DMG error when a character’s Penetration Rate is over 100%.
  • Fixed the issue where enemies are dislocated when [6] casts his Ultimate in Auto Combat mode.
  • Fixed the issue where passive skills cannot display properly in the Battle Intel interface in some battles.
  • Fixed the issue where some character models may not display properly in the Wilderness.
  • Fixed the issue where some buildings’ dynamics may not display properly in the Wilderness.
  • Fixed some other text issues.

Additionally, the new patch comes with the addition of push notifications, which can be enabled and disabled in Settings.

That’s all of the Reverse 1999 version 1.6 patch notes for all the new features! For more on the game, here are all the latest codes. We’ve also got a version 1.6 release time countdown to look at.

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