Classes and upgrades in Maple Rush
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Maple Rush Classes Tier List (May 2024)

Best evolutions in the game.

When you’re choosing which evolution to pick, Maple Rush tells you you can respec at any time. However, it doesn’t tell you that it costs 4,000 Diamonds, and getting the best one from the start can save you a lot in the long run. So, here is a tier list of the best classes in Maple Rush.

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Best Classes in Maple Rush – Tier List

In Maple Rush, there are two breakpoints at which you’ll have to make big decisions regarding your class: Level 30 and Level 60. We will consider the Level 60 choice here, as it will lock you to that evolution route for the rest of the game. That’s unless you respec, of course (if you do need to, use the codes for some free diamonds). Anyway, below are the tier lists of all classes in Maple Rush for both PvE and PvP.

Maple Rush PvE Tier List

SWind Crossbower, Healer
ASpellcaster, Shadow Sniper
BAxe Warrior
PvE Maple Rush class tier list updated as of 5/3/2024

Class Summary for PvE

S Tier

  • Wind Crossbower – The best overall class in Maple Rush. Great for PvE and the best for PvP. You need to stack evasion, and you’ll need good gear for that, so it might not be the best beginner class. Still, the Level 100 passive skill you get is OP.
  • Healer – Easy to run even as a F2P player. Active Skill energy regen can be stacked with pals, and you can get it really high quickly, turning you into an active skill-spamming machine.

A Tier

  • Spellcaster – The Healer simply has much better CC, and it really shows when you’re fighting enemies in PvE. Still, the damage is pretty good, and it can clear content.
  • Shadow Sniper – The only thing bringing the Shadow Sniper down is the Wind Crossbower’s Level 100 skill. It’s the best passive in Maple Rush, and going this route is just sub-optimal.

B Tier

  • Axe Warrior – Counter + Reflection are great for PvP, but other classes just go through PvE content quicker and more reliably. Still, it’s more viable than the Swordsman.

C Tier

  • Swordsman – Defense is cool and all until enemies start ignoring it. This class is useless for PvP in Maple Rush and it doesn’t even perform better than any other class for PvE. Avoid it like the plague.

Maple Rush PvP Tier List

SShadow Sniper, Axe Warrior
AHealer, Wind Crossbower
PvP Maple Rush class tier list updated as of 5/3/2024

Class Summary for PvP

S Tier

  • Shadow Sniper – The only class that can match the Axe Warrior in pure DPS as you’ll be whittling him down with %HP attacks. However, it’s expensive to get all the best gear.
  • Axe Warrior – Counters the Wind Crossbower, and it needs less money to run. However, mage classes can chunk you down, especially if you’re under-geared.

A Tier

  • Healer – CC becomes ever more prominent now, but the Archer classes can just burst you if you’re under-geared. It works kind of like rock paper scissors, and considering how many people are playing Archers, I think the Healer is a bit out of the meta right now in Maple Rush, hence it’s in A-tier.
  • Wind Crossbower – Everything was said above. The passives are just too good, and you can stack evasion easily with pets and all. It can be costly to get all the best items, though, and the Axe Warrior will counter you with later evolutions.

B Tier

  • Spellcaster – The gap between the Spellcaster and the Healer is just too big here. The fact that Healer can spam abilities so much more makes this class redundant.

C Tier

  • Swordsman – Useless skills, and therefore, useless class. I’m yet to see anyone fare well with this one in PvP.

That sums up our tier list of the best evolutions in Maple Rush. If you liked this guide and want to learn more about this and some other gacha games, do stick to Twinfinite. We have tier lists and code guides for many popular titles, including Hero Clash, Legend of Mushroom, and Monster Never Cry.

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