Dogmeat and the main character in Fallout 4
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Is the Dog in Fallout Season One Dogmeat From the Games?

Hey, I know that dog!

As you watch Season One of Fallout on Prime, you’ll spot a load of familiar characters and objects from the game series. The dog you meet early on is a key part of the whole season. But is the dog from Fallout Season One Dogmeat from the games? We have the answer for you!

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Is the Dog in the Fallout TV Show Dogmeat?

You’ll meet the German Shepherd in the first episode of Fallout Season One. He’s bred to be a killing machine of a sidekick by the doctor you’re introduced to. Then, throughout the series, he’s somewhat passed around from person to person. He ends up as a companion to almost every major character at one point or another. This is just like Dogmeat is in the game.

The answer to the question is yes, the dog is called Dogmeat. However, it isn’t the same dog you’ll have met in the games. In the seventh episode of Season One, the Ghoul you’ve been following calls the dog Dogmeat when they’re sat around a campfire. Before that point, it’s not given an exact name.

As we say, though, it’s not possible for Dogmeat in the show to be the same dog as in say, Fallout 4. In the show, Dogmeat is clearly a young dog, having not long been trained from a puppy. The Fallout TV show is also set nine years after Fallout 4. The dog in the game cannot be the same one as in the TV show. Simply, the timelines just don’t match up.

This isn’t anything strange for the Fallout franchise. Dogmeat as a character and companion has been in pretty much every version of the RPG since the original. None of those games are set at exactly the same time, they just feature different versions of Dogmeat. Therefore, it’s entirely normal for the dog in Fallout Season One to be called Dogmeat, without it actually being the same dog.

We expect to see Dogmeat again in a second season of the show, and maybe even in future Fallout games!

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