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Infection Free Zone Best Starting Location

Get the best start to survive

If you want to survive in Infection Free Zone you must find the most secure location to build your settlement. It’s not as simple as just finding any old city and hoping for the best so we have some important hints and tips on the best Infection Free Zone starting location for you.

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Infection Free Zone Starter Location Tips

When you first start out in Infection Free Zone your location is key. You will want to think about the size of the buildings around you, capacity, salvage areas, and other key components of the location. The first thing to look for is a large building to use as a safehouse, preferably in an industrial area. It is best to avoid places by rivers as it can displace your survivors and make organizing everyone pretty difficult!

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A starter location with a castle or similar stronghold can be great but watch out for certain countries with strict gun laws as there won’t be much in the way of arms available to loot! Cities are also a good place to set up as the grid formation of the streets can be used to your advantage. What cities lack in wood they make up for in buildings to scavenge. A large amount of smaller buildings nearby can also be super useful when looting for resources and weapons.

Here are some of the best places we think could be used as a starter location in Infection Free Zone:

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia has lots of buildings and walls to utilize.
  • Padua, Italy has a very useful walled city, Cittadella.
  • Hautes-Alpes, France has Briancon, a highly fortified city.
  • Tainan City, Taiwan is a dense area with a railway station.
  • Renfrew in Scotland is easy to defend and has plenty of resources.

Those are just a few suggestions for decent starting locations but you may find another area is perfect for your style of gameplay. If you find some special cities or walled areas, then let us know!

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