Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld.
Image Source: Pocketpair via Twinfinite

How to Use Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld

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Palworld is up and running, and players all around the world are roaming through the large map and exploring every single thing they can find. There are various items you can find in the game, some are key, and some are unique. Here is how to use Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld.

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How to Get Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld

There are all sorts of items lying around in Palworld. They have different uses and functionalities, for example, some will help you gain more XP, and others will get you more food.

Lifmunk Effigy is a Key Item in Palworld. It’s an uncommon mysterious Pal statue that can be found all around Palpagos Island. With these kinds of items, players can enhance their abilities by making offerings to certain statues.

Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld.
Image Source: Pocketpair via Twinfinite

Lifmunk Effigies are usually lying on a stone pedestal. They are easily recognizable by their shiny green color and can be spotted from a distance. There are apparently a lot of them all over the map since we’ve found a couple of them within a radius of practically only a few inches.

Once you locate the Lifmunk Effigies, get close to them, and press F on your keyboard to collect them. You then get an explanation on what is the use of these Key Items.

Collect as many Lifmunk Effigies as you can and offer them to a Statue of Power to improve your ability to capture Pals.

Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld.
Image Source: Pocketpair via Twinfinite

As we can see, it turns out that Lifmunk Effigies are actually very important and useful items in Palworld. They help you to improve your skill of catching Pals and that’s the main point of the game. We all want to catch all the Pals out there and complete the Paldeck, so everything that can help in achieving that, no matter how big it is, is of vital importance.

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